Merit Solutions is a global business process consultant and systems integrator with offices in North America and Europe. We are a focused-strategy company with the goal of being the very best at helping clients automate, grow, and transform their business through process mapping and optimization, change management, and innovative IT consulting and development services.

Our ability to help companies transform their business and successfully adopt new workstreams and enabling technologies is derived from extensive experience performing a wide array of enterprise transformations. Based on this accumulated experience, we feel we can solve certain aspects of projects in hours and days that will take other firms weeks and months. This is not an exaggeration. It is inherent in the nature of the specialized work that needs to be performed during a successful implementation of systems that touch processes across the whole enterprise. 


Our clients are typically medium to large, global enterprises who are challenged by inefficient workstreams that cost money, waste time, and reduce quality; information flows and systems that no longer support the goals of the company; and lack of visibility into business data which impedes effective decision making. 

We have been extremely fortunate to work with companies around the world who create products and offer services that improve the lives of millions. Our driving principle is to help them increase their business success – whether that’s through growth and expansion, business workstream automation, or creating higher value for their customers.


The founding vision of Merit Solutions was to help our customers increase their business success – to do it with honesty, integrity, quality and innovation. And that principle still drives our business today.

Our clients and partners feel our commitment to their success the moment they meet someone from Merit Solutions, and they repeatedly refer to our culture as the reason they choose to continue to work with Merit Solutions. They tell us that we are unmatched in our drive to exceed the results they seek – and this is no coincidence.

Our customers have demonstrated time and again that this model works. They are industry leaders. They are product innovators. They are rapidly growing. They are socially responsible. And they are globally connected.

They are proof that, when you work with a partner that is committed to your success, you can transform your business.  


Contact Merit Solutions if you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities – or joining our team!

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