Financial dimensions lookup in Microsoft Dynamics AX

In standard Microsoft Dynamics AX, the specific values can be suspended for all legal entities by marking the checkbox Suspended in Financial dimensions values form. Suspended or inactive financial dimension values (for specific legal entity or shared across all legal entities) are not displayed in the look up of the available dimension in segmented control (GL string entry in all Journal lines forms).

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Speech Recognition in UWP

In Windows 10 the Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana was introduce and came as a part of desktop. A small Cortana query box is sitting on the right side of the Start button, ready to take a voice command. In order to launch it, one should always start the phrase with “Hey Cortana” or activate Cortana by clicking on the box to listen.

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Attach Behavior in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms behaviors lets you add functionality to user interface controls without having to subclass them. Attach Behaviors extend object functionality without writing a new control. In this video we will show the example of validating user inputs.


Recycle Bin in Microsoft SharePoint Online

The Recycle Bin becomes a very important component of Microsoft SharePoint Online when you delete an object from you environment. The Deleted object is moved into one of the two Recycle Bins from which it can be safely recovered.

When a user deletes an object on their SharePoint Online site, it moves into the first stage Recycle Bin or the user’s Recycle Bin. If the user has Contribute, Design, or Full Control Permission, the deleted object is available to the user and it can be accessed from the Recycle Bin link on the Quick Launch Bar. The deleted object stays in first stage Recycle Bin until it is purged by user with appropriate permissions, or it is automatically deleted after 30 days.

If a user deletes an object from the first stage Recycle Bin, the object moves to the second stage Recycle Bin or the Site Collection Level Recycle Bin. If the User restores the object from the first stage Recycle Bin, the object is restored to its original location.

When an object gets into second stage Recycle Bin, it is available to users who have Site Collection Administrators role and can be accessed from the Site Collection Administration section, Site Setting page. Deleted objects stay in the second stage Recycle Bin until a site collection administrator deletes it – or it’s automatically deleted after a number of days (up to 30). Any object can be permanently deleted after second stage Recycle Bin – or they can be restored in this stage by site collection administrator to its original location.