Organizing JavaScript code into namespaces

JavaScript is not an object oriented programming language. However, there are some good practices which can make it look and behave like one. If we avoid writing good and readable code in JavaScript, if we let it be unleashed and dynamic in all freedom it gives, we will soon end with code that is unusable.

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MVVM architectural pattern with AngularJS

AngulaJS is a framework for writing Single Page applications (SPA). It is just one of many JavaScript frameworks for developing SPA, but it is widely used. One of the reasons is that AngularJS is, as authors say, MVW framework (Model – View – Whatever).

What is MVW? There are several most popular architectural patterns for developing of web apps. MVC (Model – View – Controller) is well-known for long time and is main pattern for developing server-side code for web apps. MVVM pattern is relatively new, and it is evolving with applications for mobile devices, but has moved to SPA also.

So, AngularJS is designed to be used with whatever architecture pattern. It gives freedom to a developer to decide what pattern to use. However, AngularJS is primarily MVC framework, as it brings views and controllers out of the box.

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First look at Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

If you are a web developer and you want to develop applications for mobile devices, Single Page Applications (SPA) are the Holy Grail. It allows you to use cross-platform capabilities of HTML5/CSS/JavaScript technologies in combination of web development and design experience in order to create fully functional mobile applications.

Microsoft has recently launched Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova. It’s embedded within Visual Studio and allows you to create, debug and test cross-platform mobile applications written as SPA. Apache Cordova is an open-source platform which contains of set of command-line tools and plugins for creating mobile apps for different platforms. Visual Studio brings set of tools, emulators and debugger which allows you to have better experience developing such applications.

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