ERP and the Internet of Things

Recently I saw an article based on an IFS survey that indicated linking ERP and IoT was still a feature for the future. It noted that relatively few businesses had actually connected the world of sensors to their ERP platforms.

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Using Business Intelligence Wisely

“I just spent the last three days building a report for the boss on the accept / reject rates at each inspection point. I got an order list from sales. I found paper reports on the inspections. I put it all together in a spreadsheet with beautiful colors and formatting. It was a lot of work and I am proud of the report.”

“That sounds great. Why the glum look?”

“The boss wants even more details. In addition, this report needs to be ready at the end of every month. I cannot spend that much time. I need a better way to publish this report.”

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Get the most you can from that ERP demonstration

The sales and demonstration crew from an ERP provider are going to be at your office in just one hour. Are you properly prepared? If you are just now asking that question, the answer could likely be – No.

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Managing Compliance Risk in Medical Device Manufacturing

The medical device manufacturer that had a spectacular compliance failure probably made the headlines. Their story will be noted in university classes around the world for years to come. Let’s look at another outcome.

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ERP ROI: Make Better Decisions

One of the primary benefits of any ERP system is decision support. We might think executives make the important decisions. In fact, people at every level of the business make important decisions throughout every day. Use your ERP to help guide every user to the choice that leads to an optimal payoff for the enterprise.

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