What Are the Benefits of End User Training in an ERP Implementation?

How familiar does this scenario sound: you’re creating an ERP implementation strategy, and someone suggests that end user training should be included. Someone else says, “That’s going to cost money. What do we get out of it?”

It might seem like a no-brainer to offer end user training as part of your ERP implementation, but it’s still necessary to make a business case for it. Read on to learn the benefits of providing this training to end users so that your ERP implementation delivers the highest ROI possible.

Answer Your End Users’ Questions

The clearest benefit to providing training is that it answers users’ questions about how to use the ERP system. While it might be the most obvious, it’s also the easiest to surmount. “Can’t the users just read the manual?” is a common question.

While it might be tempting to save money by not offering training, you’re actually being pennywise and pound foolish. For a start, not everyone learns the same way. Some people might learn well by reading, though others need to hear someone explaining concepts to them. Second, a manual can’t answer every possible question. On the other hand, a trainer can.

Give End Users a Deeper Understanding of How the ERP System Works

Here’s another rather obvious benefit of end user training for ERP systems: users gain a deeper understanding into how the ERP system works.

Reading the manual might provide a broad overview, but let’s face it: manuals tend to be dry and boring. Readers can quickly lose interest. Trainers, on the other hand, know how to present their topic in a way that keeps people focused and engaged. They also know how to share tips and advice that help users get the most out of the ERP system.

Giving Users a Reason to Use the ERP System

The headline above might not make sense. “But everyone knows ERP systems make work processes so much more productive!” you protest. Here’s the answer to that – they only increase productivity if users know how to utilize an ERP system.

If your users don’t receive comprehensive training (and no, being told to read the manual or look up FAQs on the developer’s website doesn’t count), they won’t know how to use the ERP system. And as a result, they’ll ignore it. They’ll find workarounds to the software because they simply won’t understand how it helps them.

The end result is that you won’t see any ROI on your ERP system. You’ll be frustrated with your employees and confused as to why no one is using it, while they’ll feel as though the company has wasted money on unnecessary technology.

Training is crucial for successful ERP implementations. Yes, it’s an added cost. However, it would be folly to see it as a cost center. Instead, look at it as a business driver which enables your employees to be more productive and your company to be more profitable.

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