The Benefits of Fit Gap Analysis

Before you implement a new process or solution at your business, you want to be certain that it’s going to work, you’re going to benefit from it, and you’re going to see a return on your investment.

Fit gap analysis is a problem-solving methodology. Through it, you identify gaps in your current business processes and then the solutions to fill them. The benefits of using fit gap analysis are it can be used at any time, it gives you a clear, defined path to solve your problems, and it delivers greater efficiency to your organization.

Fit Gap Analysis: Use It at Any Time

There are some problem-solving methods that are only appropriate in certain situations. That’s not true of fit gap analysis – you can apply it at any time. The only prerequisite is that there’s an issue that needs solving.

Many people use fit gap analysis when they’re implementing software; it enables them to identify what problems exist at an organization and how the software can fill those gaps. However, fit gap analysis can actually be implemented any time there’s a process that isn’t working.

A Framework for Problem Solving

One of the benefits of fit gap analysis is that it’s a framework.

A framework is a skeleton of interlinked outlines which support an approach to achieve objectives. You can modify it as required.

Another way to think of a framework is that it’s a recipe. There are ingredients you need on hand and specific steps you need to follow to make a dish. Having a recipe to follow makes things easier – you’re not guessing about what ingredients you need or what steps you should follow. Everything is laid out for you.

The best part about frameworks and recipes is that you can replicate them. We’ll go back to the cake example: it doesn’t matter if you’re in your friend’s kitchen or visiting your great-grandmother. If you’ve got the ingredients on hand and you follow the instructions, you should see the same results.

The End Result Is Greater Efficiency

By applying fit gap analysis at your company, one of the benefits you’ll reap is greater efficiency.

The goal of fit gap analysis is to identify the problems inherent in your current business processes. These problems lead to inefficiency, which in turn causes you to lose revenue and become less competitive. When you determine what those inefficiencies are, you’re one step closer to figuring out how to make yourself more efficient (and thus more profitable and competitive).

When it comes to adopting problem-solving methodologies at your business, you have two options: you could choose to ignore there’s a problem (or problems, as the case may be) and maintain the status quo, or you could put in the time and effort necessary to solve the problem and emerge improved from the process. Too many companies choose the first option, and their failures become cautionary tales. Fit gap analysis is one way to ensure your success and survival.

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