Can Mobile Technologies Improve Revenue When Field Service Technicians Use Them?

By now, you’ve probably read enough articles and sat through enough presentations about how fantastic mobility is for the enterprise. You’ve heard how it can boost productivity and effectiveness. But that’s not the only things they can do. Mobile technology can also increase profitability, especially if you have a business with field service technicians. Read on to learn how you can increase your bottom line with this kind of company if you use mobile technologies.

Getting More Done Equals Greater Profits

Two of the benefits of mobile technology, better productivity and efficiency, can also improve profits. These two performance measures enable field service technicians to accomplish more during the course of a work day, which earns a firm more money.

We’ll illustrate with an example. Glass to Go is a company that repairs windshields wherever the customer is. The firm implemented an app so that customers can request appointments. Appointment requests are transmitted to a dispatcher, who creates a list of assignments for the technicians.

This app provides the customer’s location as well as a map and turn-by-turn instructions. The technicians don’t waste time getting lost or missing the customer because they couldn’t locate him or her.

In addition, the app provides a list of assignments for the technicians, so they don’t have to return to headquarters to find out where their next job is, or radio or call in. Radio and phone calls aren’t always reliable – there could be poor reception or the call could be dropped. As a result, the technician would miss crucial information about his or her next assignment. The app solves those problems, so the technicians can go from job to job to job. They can get more done (and earn more money) because there’s no wasted time.

Knowledge at a Click

Another time waster (and profit drainer) is having to wait to find vital information. A mobile app can solve that problem, too.

Again, we’ll illustrate with an example. The mobile app Glass to Go contains function that allows users to look up instructional videos and articles that help them find answers to questions they need. They can also upload articles and videos of their own that their colleagues will find useful.

The app’s knowledge base makes it easier for the field service technicians to do their jobs. They don’t have to wait for someone to return their call or radio message if they have a question. With a click, technicians can find the answers their looking for in seconds. There are two benefits to this functionality. First, technicians save time, and when they save time, they can serve more customers. Secondly, customers appreciate that technicians work so quickly. They will be inclined to share positive stories of their experiences with Glass to Go and recommend the company to their family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Many companies with field service technicians use mobile technologies. They have already seen profit increases. If you’re not using them, chances are the competition is, and they’re reaping the benefits.

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