Microsoft Dynamics 365


[Webinar] Cloud ERP and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Join Merit Solutions and Ultra Consultants on June 5th for a cloud ERP webinar on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Mass customization, product-as-a-service, and new digital technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, and mobile apps are transforming the manufacturing industry. Much like the inventions of steam power, electricity, and computers – how manufacturers leverage these digital technologies will determine which companies will be industry leaders 10 years from now – and which will be left in the dust.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the only enterprise platform that can meet all digital manufacturing needs in a seamless, integrated system. And Rapid365 is the only way companies should consider deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Reserve your seat now – space is limited!

Join us for this webinar to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the benefits of Rapid365 – enabling organizations to go live with Microsoft Dynamics 365 with up to 40% less time, risk, and spend.


[Webinar] Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations: General Navigation and User Experience

Are you interested in seeing a demonstration of the general navigation, user interface, and high level functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations?

Then we invite you to join us throughout the remainder of 2018 as we hold a monthly webinar series that provides plenty of opportunities to review the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations solution. Join us when it's most convenient for you!

Our first three dates are set:

Wednesday, March 21
2pm EST / 11am PST
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Tuesday, April 17
12pm EST / 9am PST
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Wednesday, May 16
3pm EST / 12pm PST
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We hope you can join us on one of these demos of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations!


Microsoft Dynamics 365: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an application for businesses that combines CRM and ERP capabilities and other features to break down data silos and make your business more efficient and productive. It runs in the cloud, lowering your total cost of ownership and making it an excellent complement to Microsoft’s other cloud solutions.

Moreover, Dynamics 365 isn’t just for the marketing or finance department – its functionality spans teams across the company. Read on to learn what Dynamics 365 does and what advantages it has over its competitors.

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How Can Microsoft Help You with Your Digital Transformation?

There are many people in the enterprise who scoff at the term “digital transformation.” However, they ignore the fact that digital transformation is already taking place. They’ll be left behind if they don’t embrace technological changes that enable them to be more efficient and productive.

Microsoft offers a number of services that will help you undergo a digital transformation so that you can remain competitive in the marketplace – read on to learn which offerings might be right for you.

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[White Paper] Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs SAP

Because an ERP system is the vital backbone of the business, an organization needs a solution that provides the necessary functionality, is easy and convenient to use, and enables a competitive advantage. If a company’s ERP system isn’t meeting these goals, it’s time to look for one that will.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP are two of the most commonly shortlisted, and ultimately selected, ERP platforms in market today. Today we release our comparison white paper of the two: Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs SAP.

The white paper evaluates the two systems using the most commonly used ERP evaluation criteria as found by the Aberdeen Group. The top five criteria are: Functionality, Ease of Use, Total Cost of Ownership, Must Be An Integrated Suite, and Ease and Speed of Implementation.

Download the white paper: Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs SAP.