Microsoft Dynamics AX


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade Assessment

Assess the upgrade readiness of your business and quantify the time, effort, and cost required to move from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with our Upgrade365 2-Day (Remote or On-Site) Assessment.

The goal of the 2-Day Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade assessment is to provide your team with all the information you need to evaluate and plan your organization's path to Microsoft's next generation business platform.

(Note: This infographic lists the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Dynamics 365.)

Day 1 of the assessment is a joint working session to uncover all of the critical factors with the existing system in order to then spend Day 2 working on the summary, recommendations and estimate for proceeding with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade.

Day 1 – Functional and Technical Assessment

  • Functional Assessment
    • Review company culture and implementation background
      • What does the company make / offer / sell? How do they make it?
      • What is the history of your AX system?
      • What is the organization structure?
      • Who owns AX – IT, Finance, other?
      • Why was AX initially implemented? Have those goals been met?
    • Review existing business uses of Microsoft Dynamics AX:
      • What work streams and corresponding AX modules are in scope?
      • What major customizations / integrations exist?
      • What are the critical outputs (reports, printed forms, etc…)?
      • What manual processes currently exist outside the system?
      • What compliance mandates exist (SOX, FDA, etc…)?
      • What data retention requirements exist?

Day 2 – Summary, Analysis, and Recommendations

  • Summary of collected assessment information provided.
  • Licensing and Pricing Analysis provided.
  • Assumptions and recommendation approach document provided.
  • Estimates and Assumptions provided:
    • Includes Azure Cloud Infrastructure, Data Migration, Code Migration, Integrations and 3rd Party Solutions, Security/Compliance, and BI considerations.

Webinar: Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics AX? Are you interested in learning about your migration path to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations?

Download and watch our webinar, Getting to Microsoft Dynamics 365: Your Upgrade from Dynamics AX, where we discussed how organizations using Microsoft Dynamics AX can migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This recording covers areas like:

  • Why Upgrade?
  • Cloud Preparation
  • Migration Planning
  • Upgrade Paths for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Case Study
  • and more.

Watch now for free: Getting to Microsoft Dynamics 365: Your Upgrade from Dynamics AX.


Render report to memory stream D365 (aka AX7)

Recently I was tasked with an upgrade of a functionality we have on AX2012 to Dynamics365, which includes running the report from the code and attaching it to the caller record. As you are probably aware of, this was very easy to accomplish in the earlier Microsoft Dynamics AX versions, where you could simply run the report to a file, save it locally and attach it to the record using the DocuActionArchive class.

Things are a bit more complicated when it comes to D365 in cloud. You are no longer able to save the file locally (for example using System.IO.Path::GetTempPath() + fileName) as storage is now moved to Azure and files are stored as a Blob. You may have also noticed that most of the classes that work with files now use stream objects with their content type instead.

In order to attach the report to a record I needed to provide a MemoryStream object which would represent my report. As I found no existing code that could provide me with the memory stream output of the report I created my own method to do this. Below is given a code (runnable class – job) to perform rendering of a report to a memory stream.

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SharePoint Online Integration with Dynamics 365 for Operation (D365FO) Upload File / Create Folder

This blog will explain how to create files and folders on SharePoint Online programmatically, using AX7 code (Dynamics 365 for Operations).

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Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you running Microsoft Dynamics AX, NetSuite, or another ERP solution?

Are you ready to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a unified digital platform encompassing traditional ERP, CRM, BI, cloud, and productivity applications?

Some of the reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 include:

  • All-in-One Digital Platform – The best of Microsoft technologies join forces – from ERP and CRM to BI and IoT – to create the next generation, mobile ready productivity platform.
  • Data Intelligence for All – Turn complex data from all of the apps you rely on into actionable intelligence that can be easily understood, shared, and used to make critical decisions.
  • Reduce Costs and Increase Value – Reduce the hardware and employee costs required to use and maintain applications – freeing resources for more value-adding activities.
  • Unleash the Power of the Cloud – Enjoy the agility and rapid delivery of Azure cloud-based data intelligence – and deploy workloads and applications at scale.

If you are considering your own ERP evaluations, learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade services.