• When evaluating System Integrators in the AX Life Sciences space, we found that only Merit had the depth of Life Science industry experience we expected, references that were rock solid, and a string of account “saves” that were undeniable. It made for an easy choice – Merit Solutions.

    Jeff Ketelhut
    Head of Business Systems & IT Compliance, KYTHERA
  • The AX technical team was able to configure and modify AX to meet our unique challenges as a services organization, as well as help integrate other third-party tools as part of the solution. The mobility team developed an elastic and powerful architecture from scratch by leveraging cutting-edge Microsoft technology like Azure, and cross-platform mobile tools from Xamarin – able to be deployed to Android, iOS, or Windows devices – effectively making the solution “future proof”. The technological underpinnings of their work will form the foundation of our internal development for years to come.

    Tom Juncewicz
    Director of Information Technology, Stanley Steemer
  • I made my recommendation of Merit Solutions based on the integrity that I saw prior to selection. After interviewing many, many implementation partners with several different solutions, I can say that this is uncommon.

    IT Director
    Global Consumer Products Company
  • Merit engaged with us at all levels, from the strategic down to the technical, to first diagnose what was wrong, then develop a workable action plan to stabilize the platform, make significant improvements to our AX deployment so that it met our major functional requirements, and longer-term to improve our regulatory compliance posture and SDLC practices. We were very impressed with the quality of the advice Merit consultants gave us starting from day one of the engagement, and even more impressed with the results after we followed their guidance.

    Erik Nelson
    VP of IT, Volcano Corporation
  • Merit Solutions was able to handle the intricacies of successfully migrating our legacy data, while at the same time building support and user acceptance of Microsoft Dynamics AX within our organization. More than anything else, these two factors are what enabled us to understand what we have to do as a company to meet our goals, and what we could do in the future to improve upon our business.

    Jack Arends
    Chief Financial Officer, Georgia Nut Company
  • Merit took the time to work through the needs of our business and understand the goals of the company. They had a strong implementation road map which included process maps, prototypes, and proof of concept designs. Merit Solutions customers can feel confident they are getting individualized, detailed plans regarding their exact implementation process.

    Roger Mills
    EVP, Trading Technologies
  • Merit Solutions has the in depth knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics products and the implementation experience as well as their expertise in the Life Science space that exceeded our needs as a partner in implementing ERP and quality solutions. Merit has an excellent track record of providing outstanding customer support and delivering successful project results and solutions for MannKind. They have an excellent team of professionals – their responses are prompt and their solutions are effective.

    Van Kwok
    Associate Director, MannKind Corporation
  • The consultants’ knowledge of the software and our business has helped us streamline processes and improve our business. The entire Merit Solutions team has always been helpful, courteous, and has done whatever needs to be done to make our partnership successful.

    Linda Petta
    Director of Finance, United Way of Greater Cleveland
  • Merit Solutions is very easy to work with. Everyone “gets it”. They have learned our business and our oddities very quickly.

    Tony Satira
    Controller, Stanley Steemer
  • Merit Solutions provides great status reports. The Merit team also is flexible and deals well with our frequent schedule/scope changes.

    Merialis Joslin
    The Jackson Laboratory
  • I enjoy the communication and responsiveness to questions and issues. I feel like I am informed on progress. I appreciate the updates after the phone calls.

    Melissa Pieplow
    Volcano Corporation
  • The highly professional approach to our project resulted in the results we expected on the schedule promised under the budget estimates. It’s hard to beat that combination. Thanks for being flexible in working with our distributed team and for a great result.

    Rob Meyer
    Chief Executive Officer, Numerical Algorithms Group
  • The whole team rocks!

    Gary Doherty
    Controller, Volcano Corporation
  • (Merit) has been a great asset to the team with (their) vast industry experience and AX knowledge. I’m very impressed with (their) ability to rapidly pick up and retain Stanley Steemer-specific business processes and fit them into the overarching design.

    Tom Juncewicz
    Asst IT Director, Stanley Steemer
  • Our SharePoint site has enabled us to streamline our information sharing efforts. In the long term it will save financial resources as we move our company intranet to the site.

    Katie O'Hare
    Numerical Algorithms Group
  • Merit Solutions understands our position and our business and is willing to guide us into solutions that will benefit our organization, even if it doesn’t translate into large consulting fees for themselves. Their staff is knowledgeable, understanding and great to work with.

    Mike Brown
    Systems Analyst, United Way Services
  • Merit Solutions has been a good Microsoft Dynamics AX partner for us and has added true business value to our organization. We liked that Merit Solutions kept the cost-estimates, even though the project changed on the way. We felt the Merit Solutions Development team had very good knowledge of Axapta and X++ coding.

    Arne Christensen
    Chief Technology Officer, Finn-Tack
  • The consultants have a good attitude and are attentive to our questions. AP has been a difficult area and they have been very patient with the training.

    Emmett Riordan
    Accounting Manager, Trading Technologies
  • The ability to trace lot numbers is key. Merit extended Microsoft (Dynamics) system capabilities for forward and backward tracking of material lots through production, manufacturing, and out the door to the customers, all within compliance of FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 Audit Trail regulations. Merit Solutions provided the system deployment expertise in an assured and conformant configuration. I am convinced that Microsoft (Dynamics) with (Merit Solutions) Life Sciences is the best choice we could have made for our organization and believe it is the best solution for firms managing FDA-significant processes within their systems.

    Aaron Carroll
    Information Technology Manager, MannKind Corporation
  • Merit Solutions is willing to tackle anything we want. (They) can and will address anything that comes up.

    Don Patz
    Chief Financial Officer, Gasvoda & Associates
  • The Merit consultants listened to our business needs and responded with excellent business recommendations. That certainly helped make the implementation process go smoothly.

    Ken Myszkowski
    Director or Finance & Controller, Delphion
  • The Merit Solutions directed implementation methodology allowed us to get our business up-and-running within two weeks while remaining under budget.

    Kelley Oresky
    Mobile Life Ventures
  • Mid-Continent Instruments brought in consultants from Merit Solutions to execute the Microsoft (Dynamics) deployment. After 108 days, we went live with 55 users. The results have been reduced inventory, increased sales, increased employee productivity, and increased throughput without adding head-count. The new system supports the companies’ growth strategy, and the investment paid for itself within 10 months.

    Cindy Highbarger
    Chief Financial Officer, Mid-Continent Instruments
  • Merit has met or exceeded every requirement levied by industry regulators and our own internal Quality and Regulatory compliance staff for managing and making controlled changes to our validated AX environment.

    Erik Nelson
    VP of IT, Volcano Corporation
  • We were satisfied with (Merit’s) work. (They were) able to help us successfully reach our implementation objectives. Now 1 1/2 months after go-live we are finding the results of our implementation are positive with no major problems.

    Jon Klahr
    MaxPax, LLC
  • Merit Solutions is the best Dynamics Consulting Partner we have used. They have delivered all of our projects with high quality and reliability. Merit is a group of individuals that simply do not know the definition of “good enough”. They set the highest standards of quality for themselves, and always strive to surpass them. I would trust them to help me implement Microsoft Dynamics in the future!

    Linda Petta
    Director of Fiscal Services, United Way of Greater Cleveland
  • All Merit Solutions team members consistently perform with accuracy and integrity.

    Donna Lenning
    IT Director, Pharmaceutical Company
  • Merit Solutions delivers any project on scope and on time. I like Merit Solutions work.

    Charles Gatua
    ERP Applications Manager, HauteLook
  • Merit Solutions has been delivering on time and within the budget scope and we look forward to such success being continued in the future.

    Bratislav Ivancic
    CEO, Ivancic i sinovi
  • We chose Merit Solutions for our Microsoft Dynamics AX project because of their professionalism, expertise and experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX projects. Benefits/value we have received from our partnership with Merit Solutions are: additional Dynamics AX knowledge, active participation and help in project implementation, application of best practices and more.

    Marjan Trajanovski
    Business Consultant, Infinite Solutions
  • Merit has been great to us and we have established a great working relationship.

    Ana Perez
    Capital Power
  • I have been please with the performance and professionalism displayed by the Merit Team. (The consultants), in particular, have been very knowledgeable of the software features and in working with our implementation team to identify the best solution to our needs.

    Global Consumer Products Company
  • I like Merit Solutions because of the value added through understanding and linking business process to solutions.

    Life Sciences Company
  • Merit team members are very courteous and professional in all interactions.

    Global Consumer Products Company
  • We’ve tried several support providers but Merit is by far the most responsive. Their responses are usually timely and their assistance almost always provides a positive response to the problem.

    Vice President
  • Each member of Merit that I have dealt with has exceeded my expectations. Merit (team)members have been prompt in responding and expedient in solutions for our project.

    Life Sciences Company
    Accounting Manager
  • Having worked with many offshore resources that needed constant supervision, training and hand-holding, it was refreshing to work with someone like (Merit). In contrast, the levels of self-reliance, innovation, and communicability exhibited were nothing short of stellar.

    Online Retailer
    Senior ERP Developer
  • (Merit is) dependable, always deliver to time and the quality expected. Always can expect detailed, thought out solutions that are of high quality.

    Software Company
    Program Manager
  • (Merit) has been a joy to work with on the development end. They have picked up on our business needs and architected a very solid foundation for future development.

    Services Company
    Asst. IT Director
  • I worked with a number of different teams…many in different countries and time zones which makes communication more complex, especially when the times are so opposite. (Merit) has done a great job keeping us current on the status and issues that arise and that makes our job much easier.

    Software Company
  • I feel that this survey has turned into my quarterly Merit love-fest! In all sincerity, it is a privilege to work with a company that holds itself accountable, delivers on its promises, and values the contributions of individuals.

    Microsoft Dynamics Partner
  • It is always a pleasure to work with Merit resources. Their ability to step into new projects or technologies and become immediately proficient always delights and amazes me!

    Software Company
    Program Manager
  • Merit developers routinely exceed expectations on my projects. They have demonstrated the ability to work in ambiguous situations and to research and present the best possible solutions. The developers and architects in my company have been extremely impressed with the caliber of work received from Merit Solutions.

    Microsoft Dynamics ISV
    Vice President
  • Responsive and client value-oriented; always go the extra-mile to make it right. Engages right resources as necessary in a timely manner. Achieves goals.

    Software Company
  • There were times when I wished a developer would have heeded my pleas to STOP working and go home, so that I did not feel so guilty about her working such long hours… The level of professionalism displayed by all of them is very admirable…

    Microsoft Dynamics Partner
  • We have done many projects over the course of several years with Merit, only because each project is better than the last. Merit seems to do an excellent job of growing the skills of its resources.

    Software Company
    Program Manager
  • Merit had a very good understanding of the modules we needed help with and more importantly how to use those modules in the real world… Overall we feel our upgrade with Merit went very well. Merit has quality consultants that know what they are doing and understand Dynamics. We will use them again in the future and would definitely recommend them to other companies.

    Microsoft Dynamics Partner
  • Having worked with Merit on multiple projects, our relationship is one that other teams look to as the perfect example. Open, candid discussions have contributed to an atmosphere of trust and respect. I cannot imagine one thing that requires improvement in this area.

    Software Company
    Program Manager
  • Merit is always prepared and consistently thinking of us and how they can execute the implementation with great success. I’m happy to be working with them.

    Services Organization
    Financial Applications Administrator
  • (Merit) was very well prepared for the robust content delivered in training. We have a 100% pass rate so deem it a successful training.

    Microsoft Dynamics Partner
  • They have picked up on our business needs and architected a very solid foundation for future development.

  • Merit values their customers. The team members show that in each interaction. Well done.

  • I am consistently impressed with the customer service of those I deal with at Merit. From accounting members to the Senior consultant, it is a pleasure to work with Merit members.

  • The front office team continues to impress us with their high-tech, wizardly ways.

  • I am always impressed with Merit Solutions. I am confident that they were the right choice for our project in terms of value, service and professional knowledge.

  • I am thankful for the support given at the times we are in need and for the peace of mind to know we are able to reach out to those at Merit. Thank you.

  • The consultants have always met our expectations, and their knowledge of the software and our business has helped us streamline processes… The entire Merit Solutions team has always been helpful, courteous, and has done whatever needs to be done to make our partnership successful. I have never been disappointed by Merit Solutions.

  • Merit Solutions continues to support our GP and FRX needs by providing not only solutions but suggestions for streamlining our processes in place.

  • The quality and integrity of Merit Solutions’ services is built upon their ability to listen, learn, respond, optimize and deliver to the “Dynamic” nature of the Dynamics partner, customer and Microsoft eco-system. Their commitment to being the best in class Dynamics business partner themselves manifests itself in the (projects) we have worked with them closely to enhance and improve in market.

  • The Merit team adopts to any project, and flawlessly fits into a working dynamic with new teams and challenges. They are consistently able to deliver superb solutions.

  • I like the knowledge of the consultants and the ability to look at our processes and figure out the best way Dynamics can help in our processes, rather than looking from Dynamics to our processes… We are extremely pleased with our relationship and partnership with Merit Solutions.