Is Your ERP System User-Friendly and Intuitive? If It’s Not, It’s Time to Switch

How many steps does it take to perform a single action in your ERP system? If you have to stop to think of the answer, that’s not a good sign.

When you first purchased your ERP system, software wasn’t expected to be user-friendly. The expectation was that it would do a certain job, no matter how difficult it was for humans to utilize it. That mindset has changed, and now user-friendly software that’s intuitive to boot is the norm. If your ERP doesn’t fit that description, read on to learn why it’s time to change it.

How Can You Tell If Your ERP System Is User-Friendly and Intuitive?

There are a few signs that indicate that an ERP system is easy to use and works in a logical manner.

For a start, it takes only a few steps to complete a task. Let’s say you want to import data from another system to your ERP. It shouldn’t be a 12 step process. Moreover, the steps should follow a logical progression – you shouldn’t have to go back to the third step in order to complete the sixth step.

If you’re reading this and shaking your head, muttering, “That doesn’t describe our ERP system at all,” then it’s clear your current system isn’t user-friendly or intuitive.

Why Does It Matter That Your ERP System Is User-Friendly and Intuitive?

There are others who will read this and say, “So, our ERP system doesn’t seem to be so user-friendly or intuitive. What’s the big deal?”

While your ERP system might function, it doesn’t do so in a way that makes employees’ jobs easier. As a result, they’re not as productive and efficient as they could be. And that costs your company money, because they’re spending valuable time and energy trying to use an ERP system that makes their jobs more difficult.

There’s another way in which your ERP could be hurting your company: it lowers levels of employee engagement. When employees feel as though they’re stuck with a solution that makes their jobs harder, they will be less motivated to fulfill their potential. This lack of motivation leads to two things: either employees will be less productive and efficient, or they will find a position at a different company that values user-friendly and intuitive technology.

A third reason that your current ERP could be negatively affecting your company is that employees will find ways around the ERP system. While you might applaud their creativity, their methods could involve using technologies that aren’t secure. You could be the victim of a data breach, all because someone was sick of using your ERP system.

Your ERP system is not an obstacle for employees to overcome on a daily basis. It should be something that makes their job easier. A new ERP system that’s user-friendly and intuitive is a game changer – it will boost productivity, efficiency, engagement, and profits.

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