Get a Single Source Version of the Truth to Minimize Risk and Optimize Operations

Successful life sciences businesses cannot rely on disparate, specialty software for very long. Without real-time, reliable data, companies simply can’t respond fast enough to deviations in plans or take advantage of new opportunities. A centralized, integrated business management solution will provide a single source of the truth, providing the data leaders need to make decisions that improve operations, boost productivity and profitability, and drive growth.

Niche software can deliver periodic reports to the leaders that need them, but they are not without risk. It’s difficult to maintain version control or protect data from being altered as reports are being shared throughout your organization. Redundant data entry between systems introduces new risks and can result in erroneous data. Aging data from disparate systems simply isn’t reliable enough to mitigate risk or capitalize on new opportunities. As suggested in this eBook, “Life Sciences: 6 Ways to Thrive in a Digital Future,” business leaders need quick access to accurate, real-time data. A centralized, integrated solution, like MAXLife, provides life sciences companies the ability to optimize resources, manage risk and drive growth with a single source version of the truth.

Monitor Real-Time Data, Make Data-Driven Decisions with MAXLife

MAXLife is a cloud-based, validation-ready business management solution designed to address the unique needs of life sciences businesses. Built on the core functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365, this solution offers robust ERP, CRM and BI features. Employees can enter, access and share data with greater efficiency from a single, centralized solution, then use it to do their best work. MAXLife provides a unified, digital platform that enables your people to analyze and use information to make faster, data-driven decisions. Business leaders can monitor key metrics, such as research and development costs or supply chain activities. They can then respond faster to deviations to protect budgets or ensure that the right inventory is available and manufacturing operations remain on schedule. Tracking real-time data as it flows throughout the organization supports stronger forecasting, planning and more informed decisions across each business unit.

Replace disparate, specialty systems with MAXLife to gain a single source of the truth. Life sciences companies with access to reliable, current data will be able to reduce exposure to risks and gain deeper business insights through data analysis. Download the eBook and contact Merit Solutions for more information about minimizing risk and optimizing business operations with MAXLife.

By Merit Solutions, a Global Microsoft Partner and Business Process Consultant

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