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Enterprise Mobility: Best Practices

Enterprise mobility enables success: remote workers can communicate in real time with each other, the supply chain can operate more smoothly, and clients have the ability to easily connect with businesses. However, these things will only take place if the company implementing enterprise mobility follows a set of best practices. Best practices are research and experience-based methodologies which has been proven to lead to optimal results.

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FDA and Industry- Bridging the Risk Management Gap

Even with the best design and steadfast controls, sometimes things go wrong. Deciding on a risk profile and executing the appropriate action may be interpretive. Manufacturers have the hurdle of coming to an agreement with the FDA. Inevitably, they don’t always agree. An attempt was made last year to bridge the divide by creating a working group consisting of manufacturers, the FDA and representatives of a nonprofit group representing healthcare technology professionals. This group seeks to create a consistent means to evaluate risk between regulators and manufacturers. They will provide feedback to the FDA on specific areas where better guidance would be beneficial.

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Finding an ERP Consultant Who Provides Global Support Services

Selecting and implementing an ERP system is no small task. While some companies attempt to successfully implement an ERP solution relying solely on its internal resources, many turn to qualified ERP consultants who have proven their ability to maximize return on investment and give companies a competitive edge. When choosing a consultant, the focus tends to be on the immediate selection and implementation process, but a company should also consider a consultant’s ability to continue to add value down the road through global support services.

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Enterprise Mobility: A Natural Fit for Life Sciences

Enterprise mobility has a transformative role to play in every industry. The field of life sciences is no exception. Implementing appropriate mobile technologies enables life science firms as well as healthcare practitioners to deliver the best patient outcomes to consumers. There are so many kinds of mobile technologies, though – which ones will be of greatest use?

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Device Add-Ons- Separate but not Equal- Maybe.

The FDA has recently issued guidance regarding the risk of device accessories. They will no longer be considered as part of one big happy family included in the risk of the parent device. This new proposal states that the classification for a medical device accessory should be based on the risk they bring when used with the parent and not based on the parent’s risk. This applies to many items including apps and other connectivity technologies. This will require additional work for the manufacturer to assess the risk of perhaps multiple additions to a device.

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Taking Control of BYOD

Before the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, employees had no choice in what type of device, let alone platform, they used to do their job. The IT department made that decision for them. And if the employees didn’t like what the IT department chose, too bad.

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Anytime is the Right Time for Fit-Gap Analysis

A fit-gap analysis allows an organization to assess how current business processes and workstreams are meeting its business requirements. A fit-gap analysis during the selection phase of a new ERP solution allows an organization to discover which processes are lacking in the current system, but also sheds light on potential gaps between current processes that are working and the proposed software package. As such, a fit-gap analysis is widely recognized as a crucial stage in selecting and successfully implementing a new ERP system.

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The Security Challenges (and Solutions) of Enterprise Mobility

For all of its benefits, enterprise mobility comes with some significant security risks. There are the physical risks of a device becoming lost or stolen. And there is the digital security threat of viruses and malware. Moreover, how does a company contend with the conundrum of storing corporate data safely on an employee-owned device? That in turn raises the question of which mobile devices are appropriate for use in the enterprise. Faced with all of these issues, it is not surprising that many businesses would rather ignore enterprise mobility altogether. However, that isn’t a good strategy, either. Enterprise mobility is now a fact of life, security risks and all. The good news is that these challenges are not insurmountable.

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Four Ways Enterprise Mobility Can Boost Sales

Enterprise mobility offers businesses a number of benefits. It can increase a mobile workforce’s productivity, it can enhance collaboration, and it can help the supply chain run more smoothly. Another benefit is that it can boost sales. There are four ways in which enterprise mobility can have a positive impact in that field: instant information access, real time collaboration, connection with customers on the go, and selling on the go.

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