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Managing SharePoint:DateTime Control Events from Client-Side

Starting from its 2013 version, SharePoint took a turn from classic ASP.NET approach towards more responsive client-side development in order to provide a richer and modern UI experience. And while this was great for the end users, as well as where the platform is generally heading, it also meant expansion of the JavaScript skill set for SharePoint developers.

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Gatekeepers or Business Enablers: IT’s New Role

Human beings have a tendency towards nostalgia. We long for (what we believe to have been) simpler times. IT departments the world over are nostalgic for the days in which they could dictate what platform, operating system and device employees could use. In the days of BYOD and mobility, the power of IT departments to make those rules has severely eroded.

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B2B Mobile Moments: Why They Matter

Mobile technologies such as applications and mobile devices (which include smart phones and tablets) are excellent tools to connect with customers. B2C opportunities are not the only ones that exist when it comes to mobile technologies, though. Many companies overlook the business-to-business prospects associated with mobility.

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Data Migration: Know Your Route Before You Fly

There’s so much to consider when implementing a new ERP system that data migration sometimes gets pushed aside as an afterthought to be dealt with when the implementation gets underway. Big mistake. An organization’s ERP system is only as effective as the data that drives it. That’s the power of ERP, isn’t it? Data shared throughout the enterprise making connections, improving efficiency, etc. There are several benefits of giving data its fair share of attention when preparing for implementation.

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Implementing Navigation Drawer in Xamarin Forms

Every mobile application which is going to be used as real world app requires navigation solution. On Android platform recommendation for effective navigation is Navigation Drawer. It is a panel that transitions in from the left edge of the screen and displays the app’s main navigation options. More info about Navigation Drawer and it's capabilities you can find on Android developer site.

Other platforms have similar solutions, so if you are developing in Xamarin Forms, it is a good idea to empower this kind of navigation. Plus side for Xamarin Forms it that you would write Navigation Drawer in only one codebase.

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Becoming a Social CIO: Why It Matters

Fifteen years ago, if someone asked if you were social, the question would have meant that you were friendly and outgoing. Today, people use the term to refer to a person’s level of expertise with social media.

Although many business leaders have embraced social media with open arms, some of their peers still view it as a consumer tool without applications for the enterprise. This attitude is out of date. Moreover, it can actually hurt a company.

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Implementing Custom Switch Control in Xamarin Forms on Android

Xamarin.Forms lets developers create native user interfaces on iOS, Android and Windows Phone from a single, shared C# codebase. Since the UI is rendered using the native controls of the target platform, it gives you great flexibility in customizing the controls separately on each platform. Each control is rendered differently on each platform using a Renderer class, which in turn creates a native control, arranges it on the screen and adds the behavior specified in the shared code.

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Keys To Employee Adoption

The best ERP software in the world doesn’t operate by itself. Rather, the value of a software solution depends directly upon how well a company’s employees use the system to efficient and effectively accomplish their jobs. Therefore, the success of a company’s implementation of a new ERP solution depends directly upon how earnestly its employees adopt the system. Here are some ways to ensure that employees embrace the change that comes from moving to a new ERP implementation.

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Mobile Moments: An Opportunity for Engagement and an Obligation for Security

There’s something important going on every time your customer uses a mobile device, and you’re probably unaware of it. It’s called a “mobile moment.” A mobile moment refers to when a person pulls out their mobile device to obtain immediate, contextual information.

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