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Technology Planning and Sustaining Employee Engagement

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, do a Google search for the term “employee engagement.” You’ll receive almost 21 million results. A quick scan of the first page of results tells the reader what employee engagement is and what steps employers can take to achieve it. It’s clear from even a cursory glance that employee engagement is something organizations should take seriously if they want to attain success.

What many employers might not realize is that technology plays an important role in employee engagement. These are probably the same employers who view technology as a necessary evil and will only deploy a solution out of absolute necessity.

Organizations which view technology as a necessary evil stand in stark contrast to those which embrace technological change. These companies understand that technology enables business – without it, they cannot be competitive or successful.

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The Emulation Risk in Mobile Applications Development and Testing

The variety of different possible mobile configurations can present a huge challenge for mobile application development. From a superficial perspective, it seems that mobile emulators present an easy answer to complete mobile applications development and testing, but is it the whole truth?

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How Are Mobile Devices Impacting US Retail?

In 2012, Deloitte Consulting LLP discovered that smartphone usage influenced 5.1% of all retail store sales in the US. That translated into approximately $159 billion in forecasted sales for that year. The consulting firm predicted that by 2016, smartphones will influence 17-21% of total sales, which amounts to $628-$752 billion.

Even anecdotal evidence points to the strong and pervasive influence mobile devices have on retail in the US. How many times have you walked into a store and seen customers milling through the aisles, engrossed in what’s taking place on their smartphone screens?

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Attach Behavior in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms behaviors lets you add functionality to user interface controls without having to subclass them. Attach Behaviors extend object functionality without writing a new control. In this video we will show the example of validating user inputs.

Mobile BI Solutions: Leveraging Mobility to Make Better Business Decisions

Imagine having information you needed to make an important business decision right at your fingertips. You don’t have to think very hard about it – such a thing is possible, thanks to business intelligence software.

“Business intelligence” refers to a technology-driven process for analyzing data. Managers and business leaders rely on this data to make better decisions for an organization. Business intelligence software (known as BI) is software solutions which analyze information.

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Compliance: Robust Reporting is Key

Government regulations are becoming more prevalent and we can only expect this trend to continue. Just because they don’t touch your business today doesn’t mean they won’t in the near future. Compliance isn’t just for the finance folks anymore. Which is why it’s important to consider compliance issues while selecting an ERP software solution.

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What Will the Future of Mobile App Development Look Like?

A little over a decade ago, most people had no idea what a mobile application was. Today, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know what they are. Mobile applications have become so entrenched in our lives that it can be difficult to believe there was a time when they didn’t exist.

Much like mobile applications themselves, the technology used to develop them continues to change and improve. New technologies will enable developers to deliver a higher quality user experience, making it easier for users to accomplish their goals through their mobile devices.

What does the future of mobile application development hold if it continues to change and improve rapidly? Here are some predictions.

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Empower Your Employees to Capitalize on Mobile Moments

Business leaders need to ask themselves this crucial question: is our company enabling our employees to make the most of mobile moments? The way you answer this query says a lot about your company, including whether it has a chance of succeeding in our increasingly mobile world.

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Exploratory Testing in Agile software development teams

Exploratory testing is investigative testing practice, which involves simultaneous learning about the software under test while designing and executing tests, using feedback from the last test to inform the next. Because there is a common misunderstanding that exploratory testing means simply “execute random actions and see what happens,” it is important to emphasize that this is a very rigorous approach. The same kinds of test design analysis techniques and heuristics are used in exploratory testing as in traditional test design, but the tests are executed immediately. The test design and execution becomes inseparable, a single activity.

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Beyond Size and Sector

There are actually websites out there that recommend ERP software based on some very basic information about a company. Enter your sector and organization size, and ‘poof,’ the right software offerings magically appear. Are they serious?

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