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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Life Sciences Webinar Series

Join sponsors Microsoft Corporation and Merit Solutions for an executive webinar series for biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical products companies: Leading Life Sciences to Success in a Digital Future.

This webinar series will discuss the impact a unified, digital technology platform can have on organizations – including heavily regulated Life Sciences companies.

To learn more, visit our webinar series page: Leading Life Sciences to Success in a Digital Future.

Or register for individual webinars using the links below:

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Establishing a Change Management Team

Whether it’s a new ERP system, upgrade of existing software or shift in business practices, changes within an organization can be challenging. All too often, where the organization wanted to go isn’t where it ends up, never realizing the ROI that it hoped to see. In some cases, entire implementation efforts must be jettisoned as too costly with no relief in sight. An organization needs a change management process to see things through, and assembling the right team can make all the difference.

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Can Mobile Technologies Make Field Service Workers More Productive?

Since the dawn of the manufacturing era, companies have been focused on increasing their employees’ productivity. In economics, productivity is the output per unit of input. The greater your output and the lower your input, the more productive you are. Many people have claimed that they know the secret to increased productivity. With the advent of mobile technologies, employees can be significantly more productive. Read on to learn how field service technicians in particular can increase their productivity.

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5 Reasons to Trust Merit Solutions for your Dynamics 365 Upgrade

In December of 2016, Nucleus Research released their ERP Technology Value Matrix 2016. In the report, they identified Microsoft Dynamics 365 as one of the leading ERP solutions – and predicted its path to keep improving in terms of usability and functionality.

While we expect the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to increase in the marketplace compared to non-Microsoft solutions (like NetSuite or SAP) – adoption among Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, and NAV users will be even higher.

In either instance, below are five reasons to trust Merit Solutions with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade or migration:

  1. Our Rapid365 pre-configured best practices upgrade speeds migration and adoption.
  2. Maximize the value of a “mobile first, cloud first” platform by working with a Microsoft Mobility MVP.
  3. MeritCare provides ongoing support and system optimization services for Dynamics 365 and Azure.
  4. Ensure project success with a partner who has a 96% client satisfaction rating over the past 5 years.
  5. Rely on a long-term partnership with the only Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner on Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 500 list.

If you are considering a Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade or migration – please browse some of the white papers on our website for access to free resources during your evaluations.


Don’t Let Fast Growth Impact Profits or Productivity

After years of securing investors, performing product design and testing, and submitting documents to the FDA, many life sciences organizations suddenly find themselves in a period of fast growth after receiving FDA approval. Product approvals force pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers into the next phase, which is manufacturing high quality products quickly, efficiently and profitably. Life sciences organizations can manage the entire process, from start to finish, by replacing inefficient business systems with a more modern management solution.

Change can happen, literally overnight, at many life sciences organizations. After receiving FDA approval, you need to jump into action setting up manufacturing operations to get your innovative new product into the marketplace as soon as possible. As discussed in “Life Sciences: 6 Ways to Thrive in a Digital Future,” an eBook, being prepared for strong, fast growth after approval is no small task. Replace entry-level or niche systems with a business management solution that can streamline the transition from the research and development phase to production and sales.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs NetSuite White Paper

Has your organization outgrown NetSuite? Or are you considering implementing a new cloud ERP solution?

If so, we invite you to read our new white paper: Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs NetSuite: A Clash of the Clouds.

Nucleus Research’s ERP Technology Value Matrix 2016 reflects a much larger shift to the cloud than in years past with vendors making large investments in cloud offerings – with mobile functionality, internet of things (IoT), and embedded analytics as table stakes.

This white paper looks at two cloud-based solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving enterprises – Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite. It highlights why growing organizations should invest in a platform they can grow into – instead of outgrow in 3 to 5 years. And it discusses how organizations can implement Tier 1 cloud ERP with less time, spend, and risk.

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Render report to memory stream D365 (aka AX7)

Recently I was tasked with an upgrade of a functionality we have on AX2012 to Dynamics365, which includes running the report from the code and attaching it to the caller record. As you are probably aware of, this was very easy to accomplish in the earlier Microsoft Dynamics AX versions, where you could simply run the report to a file, save it locally and attach it to the record using the DocuActionArchive class.

Things are a bit more complicated when it comes to D365 in cloud. You are no longer able to save the file locally (for example using System.IO.Path::GetTempPath() + fileName) as storage is now moved to Azure and files are stored as a Blob. You may have also noticed that most of the classes that work with files now use stream objects with their content type instead.

In order to attach the report to a record I needed to provide a MemoryStream object which would represent my report. As I found no existing code that could provide me with the memory stream output of the report I created my own method to do this. Below is given a code (runnable class – job) to perform rendering of a report to a memory stream.

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SharePoint Online Integration with Dynamics 365 for Operation (D365FO) Upload File / Create Folder

This blog will explain how to create files and folders on SharePoint Online programmatically, using AX7 code (Dynamics 365 for Operations).

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Boston Roadshow: First Look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Rapid365

Is your organization considering a new ERP solution in 2017? Are you located in the New England area?

If so, we invite you to join us on April 10th from 1pm – 5pm EST for our executive lunch and learn at the Microsoft Technology Center in Burlington – Digital Transformation for Growth: A First Look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Rapid365.

Space is limited – so reserve your spot today!

During this event you will:

  • See live demonstrations of Microsoft’s next generation digital platform – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – which combines traditional ERP, CRM, BI, and IoT applications into one integrated, cost-effective, scalable, and easy-to-use enterprise solution.
  • Discover how the Rapid365 implementation methodology enables organizations to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 with less time, spend, and risk.
  • Learn why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great solution for rapidly growing organizations – enabling companies to scale into their system rather than outgrowing them in 3 to 5 years.
  • See how the Microsoft Cloud enables companies to turn complex data – both from internal and external sources – into actionable intelligence that can be easily understood, shared, and used to make critical business decisions.
  • Learn why Microsoft Azure is the best cloud platform to run your enterprise systems – from having more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider, to having more data centers in more geographies than Google and AWS.

Register now to reserve your spot! Or, contact Nick Sarno for more information.


Mobile Technology Best Practices for Sales Teams

There’s a powerful tool in today’s salesperson’s arsenal. It doesn’t have to do with a new technique or method taught in a workshop. We’re talking about mobile technology. However, as with any type of technology, best practices help users achieve optimal results. Read on to learn some mobile technology best practices for salespeople.

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