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Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Rethink What’s Possible

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is expected to be center stage at AXUG Summit in two weeks in Tampa.

Since there is a lot of speculation right now on Dynamics 365, we decided to put some initial information together for those not attending Summit – or just wanting to learn more now. Here is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 brochure.

Merit Solutions will be in Booth #913 at Summit if you’re interested in learning more about Dynamics 365, AX upgrades, ongoing support, or mobile application initiatives.

And don’t forget to join our Merit Walk Off competition – where one Summit attendee will win a Caribbean vacation! Download our app now to register.



Can Enterprise Mobility Actually Save Your Company Money?

When you think about the ways in which enterprise mobility has revolutionized the way business, what comes to mind? One change enterprise mobility has wrought has been the reduction of expenses for many companies. Read on to learn how enterprise mobility has helped firms save money, and whether it can create cost savings for you.

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Three Approaches to Business Intelligence Tools

When defining its Business Intelligence (BI) strategy, an organization can take three different approaches, depending on which fits its needs. First, an organization can simply use the out-of-the-box (OOTB) tools that come “for free” with their ERP system. Other businesses may find that they need a third-party BI solution to get the results they are looking for from their BI initiative. Finally, organizations needing a more robust BI system can build their own custom solution.

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Increasing Efficiency with Enterprise Mobility

Every company wants to be more efficient, but not every business understands how to achieve those results. Technology is one way to get there, especially mobile technology. Read on to learn more about how enterprise mobility helps firms realize efficiency gains, and how you can benefit from its deployment.

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Mobile ERP Benefits

Walk down the street and its obvious, mobile device use is up. But just how much time do people spend on handheld devices nowadays may actually surprise you. According to comScore, the use of smartphones rose 394 percent over the past four years and the tablets 1,721 percent over the same time period. But it’s not just text messaging and games that people are turning to their mobile devices for. Employees use more than three devices daily for their work activities and you can easily guess that their smartphones and tablets are among them.

After reading these numbers, if you don’t have a mobile strategy in place for your ERP solution then it is about time you start looking at one. Not only are your employees ready, but there are other benefits to your organization as well if you make access to your ERP application available through mobile platforms.

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Mobile ERP Strategy

Getting through an ERP implementation successfully can be a definite challenge. Add mobile ERP to the mix and you are opening your team up to an entirely new set of challenges. But people want mobile and ERP to work together. Recent studies show that:

  • 43 percent of people want ERP access via their smartphone
  • 38 percent want access to ERP systems through their tablets
  • 25 percent of people access their ERP solution from their smartphone or tablet
  • 65 percent believe that mobility is important because it enables access to information and helps support communication for virtual workers

So what do you need to consider before your company takes its ERP solution mobile?

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AXUG Summit 2016 – NEW Mobility Sessions

Merit Solutions is proud to be leading the NEW Mobility Track at AXUG Summit 2016.

The mobility track is meant to inform AXUG, GPUG, NAVUG, and CRMUG Summit attendees about enterprise mobility projects, development methodologies and platforms, benefits, and user roundtables.

We hope you can join our team in any of the following sessions:

Developing Cross Platform Mobile
Applications Using Xamarin

Wednesday, October 12
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Room: Meeting 11

Mobility Roundtable
Wednesday, October 12
2:45 PM – 4:00 PM
Room: Meeting 12

Issues to Consider When Developing
a Mobile Strategy

Thursday, October 13
10:45 AM – 11:45 AM
Room: Grand Ballroom Salon B

Stanley Steemer Case Study: Using Mobility
to “Future Proof” Business

Thursday, October 13
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Room: Meeting 11

A Best Practices Approach to Mobile Application Development
Friday, October 14
10:15 AM – 11:15 AM
Room: Meeting 13

Bringing ERP Features to Mobile using
Windows 10 Universal Apps

Friday, October 14
1:15 PM – 2:15 PM
Room: Meeting 11


Enterprise Mobile Apps for the Finance Department: Enhancing Visibility into Your Organization’s Finances

There is an enterprise mobile app for virtually every job function or department. The finance department is no exception. Mobile apps for finance departments enable teams to work smarter and faster than ever before. One of the ways in which mobile apps do that is to increase visibility into operations. Read on to learn how these apps can help you gain better control of your organization’s finances.

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Win a Vacation at AXUG / GPUG / NAVUG / CRMUG Summit!

Are you attending the Microsoft Dynamics User Group Summits next month in Tampa?

If so, you could win a 5 night stay for 2 at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean!

We know that Summit attendees come to learn, network, and evaluate new solutions. In order to accomplish those goals, attendees must walk – a lot!

Take advantage of all of those steps by tracking them and competing against other Summit attendees. The person who walks the most each day will be placed into a drawing at the end of Summit – and ONE PERSON WILL WIN an all-inclusive 5 night stay for 2 at a RIU Palace in the Caribbean.

Learn more about the Merit Solutions Walk Off at Summit.

Otherwise, use the links below to download our mobile application and register for the Merit Solutions Walk Off competition – and your chance at a dream vacation next year.



Mobile ERP Challenges

The enterprise mobile app market is expected to rise to $63 billion by the end of 2020. “There is tremendous pressure on businesses to make workers more productive … companies rolled out new mobile, social, cloud and big data analytics-based business applications to help deal with changing customer, employee, and partner expectations,” said Gina Luk, author of the report and Strategy senior analyst of mobile workforce strategies. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are certainly riding on these coat tails of this movement.

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