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Mobile Apps and the Finance Department: Boosting Productivity

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way that modern employees work. They offer a number of benefits. Finance departments of companies have been affected by this revolution as well. One of the ways in which mobile apps have helped finance departments is to boost the productivity of its employees. Read on to learn how mobile apps can make your finance department more productive.

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Successful Consulting at All Stages

Good ERP consultants do more than just evaluate or implement software. They have the skills and experience to guide an organization through all the changes associated with using an ERP solution. Each stage of the process is critical to success, and a consultant should be able to handle the evaluation, implementation, customization and support of an ERP package with equal expertise.

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Mobile Apps: Making Employee Onboarding Easier

If you’ve ever seen the classic movie “Field of Dreams,” you’ll remember the line, “If you build it, they will come.” While that might hold true of baseball diamonds, it doesn’t always apply to enterprise technology, especially to mobile apps. Many companies have discovered that the app they spent so much time deploying has a low adoption rate. Read on to learn how to make the mobile app onboarding process easier, effective, and successful.

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Three Approaches to End User Training

Even the most sophisticated ERP system that automates much of the supply chain requires employee interaction with the software. Forgetting this fact can cost a company. What is designed as a streamlined workstream can bog down when a user is uncomfortable or inefficient at using the software. It is imperative that the process of implementing a new ERP system include end user training. Employees are naturally resistant to change, and awkwardness with new software tools can increase that resistance. Fortunately, end user training can alleviate these problems. There are three options for addressing this need for training: in-house training, outsourcing, and a hybrid of the two.

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Mobile Apps: Easy-to-Use Interfaces for More Complex Systems

Certain enterprise processes are complicated – there are many moving parts, and numerous people are involved in them. At least, that was the case for many processes until the advent of enterprise mobility. Enterprise applications for mobile devices reduce the complexity of sophisticated business software by increasing transparency, accountability, and by providing insight into business processes.

To illustrate exactly how mobile apps can do all of that, we’ll use two examples: supply chain management software and regulatory compliance systems for life science companies.

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Walk Off At Summit – One Attendee Will Win a Caribbean Vacation

As the User Group Summit in Tampa rapidly approaches next week, we wanted to remind everyone that you can register for the Merit Solutions Walk Off at Summit any time before or during the conference next week!

Face it – you’re going to walk a LOT next week in Tampa. Why not reward yourself for all that effort?

Download the Merit Solutions Mobile app from your app store and register for the Walk Off at Summit. You can then use built in sensors in your phone, or a Fitbit activity tracker, to track the number of steps you take each day. The person who walks the most each day will be entered into a random drawing for the Grand Prize: a five night stay for two at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. (The past two winners chose Costa Rica!)

Every day is a new chance to be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. So download Merit Solutions Mobile, skip the shuttles, and get to walking!



Merit Solutions Announces Fixed Fee, 16-Week Dynamics 365 Operations Implementation

CHICAGO, Oct. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Merit Solutions – a global provider of digital solutions and consulting services – is excited to announce the availability of AXcelerate℠, the first fixed fee implementation services offering for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX).

Designed for organizations that are able to adopt pre-configured systems and processes, AXcelerate℠ enables companies to get up and running with the financial management capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations within a sixteen-week timeframe and for a fixed-fee of $300,000 in services. AXcelerate℠ includes over 140 pre-configured best practices delivered in the software and its business process modeler tool, and comes complete with user task guides, web based tutorials and additional reports and BI views.

“We believe AXcelerate℠, combined with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud services platform, provides clients with a compelling reason to make the move off legacy systems and embrace the digital future,” comments Bill Burke, CEO of Merit Solutions. “This fixed fee approach enables clients to speed time-to-value, reduce spend and risk, and eliminate the business disruption caused by long, drawn out ERP implementations.”

Merit Solutions has spent a decade continuously improving the Merit Plus implementation model for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Dynamics AX) implementations to drive up value for clients. This has resulted in one of the highest client satisfaction ratings in the industry. It has also resulted in the development of intellectual property, including project management, work templates, methods, client collaboration portals, and best practice business process models that enable achieving great outcomes for clients. The sum result of this innovation is a level of reliability that now allows Merit Solutions to guarantee the cost and timeline of projects, providing a level of services guarantee that no one can match.

For organizations requiring more than financial management, AXcelerate℠ also offers modular, fixed-fee add-ons including Segregation of Duties (custom user security roles to support Sarbanes Oxley and FDA compliance) for $40,000; Inventory, Supply Chain and Sub-Contract Manufacturing for $60,000; and Customer Orders for $30,000.

And for clients who require uniquely configured business processes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can still be deployed using the Merit Plus Business Transformation Mapping (BTM) services model.

For a free consultation to learn which approach is right for you, please contact us at


Generating Additional Revenue with Enterprise Mobility

One of the reasons firms often implement mobile technologies is to save money. After all, a remote workforce lowers costs, and running applications in the cloud reduces ownership expenses associated with legacy hardware and software. However, enterprise mobility solutions have the power to generate additional revenue for firms. Read on to learn how mobile technologies can earn your company more money.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Rethink What’s Possible

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is expected to be center stage at AXUG Summit in two weeks in Tampa.

Since there is a lot of speculation right now on Dynamics 365, we decided to put some initial information together for those not attending Summit – or just wanting to learn more now. Here is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 brochure.

Merit Solutions will be in Booth #913 at Summit if you’re interested in learning more about Dynamics 365, AX upgrades, ongoing support, or mobile application initiatives.

And don’t forget to join our Merit Walk Off competition – where one Summit attendee will win a Caribbean vacation! Download our app now to register.



Can Enterprise Mobility Actually Save Your Company Money?

When you think about the ways in which enterprise mobility has revolutionized the way business, what comes to mind? One change enterprise mobility has wrought has been the reduction of expenses for many companies. Read on to learn how enterprise mobility has helped firms save money, and whether it can create cost savings for you.

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