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What Are Mobility Best Practices for Field Service Technicians in the Life Sciences Industry?

You know that mobile technologies can help field service technicians in the life sciences industry to be more efficient and productive as well as boost the company’s bottom line. However, it’s not enough simply to purchase several smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices, give them to your field service techs, and hope for the best. Relying on a set of best practices when implementing mobile technologies makes the process much smoother – read on to learn what some of those best practices are.

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Creating touch responsive (animated) button in Xamarin.Forms Android

Sometimes we would like to have a bit more user action responsivity when handling our apps. This post explains how to create tactile buttons in Xamarin.Forms using custom renderers to do so for Android.

First, we need a custom control that would represent our tactile button, so let’s create it.

Next, we would need to create a custom renderer class that would take care of button’s touch sensitivity.

To create the button pressed look and feel, in this example, we need to animate the button or to add a scale animation when button is pressed and un-scale when button is released. One of the ways to do that is to subscribe to button’s touch event. Implementing these overridden methods in your custom renderer takes care of subscribing and unsubscribing from the button’s touch event.

Finally, animating the button to have a little touch responsivity here comes down to scaling to a smaller size on mouse down, and returning to original size and launching command (if exists) on mouse up.

All you have to do now to start using these new buttons is to add them to your view!



How Life Science Industry Field Service Technicians’ Usage of Mobile Technology Can Save Your Bottom Line

When you think about mobile technologies, what most likely comes to mind is the concept of efficiency and increased productivity. What you might not realize is that mobile solutions can also boost a company’s profits or save money. This holds true of the life sciences industry. When field service technicians use mobile technologies, they can actually improve their firms’ bottom line – read on to learn more.

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Merit Solutions Achieves Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency

Merit Solutions, a global Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and mobile solution provider, today announces it has attained the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency, demonstrating its “best-in-class” ability and commitment to meet the evolving needs of today’s companies with cloud-first enterprise ready business applications. This achievement validate’s Merit Solutions’ ability to enable client transformation and innovation in the digital era.

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Why Does Post-ERP Deployment Engagement Matter?

An ERP system represents an investment of time and money. Yet, many companies pay more attention to the deployment and everything that leads up to it. After the deployment, businesses invest less effort and time into making sure users are engaged.

Post-ERP deployment engagement actually matters quite a bit, because it affects the level of value and ROI you get out of the system. Read on to learn why engagement boosts user adoption and ensures that employees work more efficiently and productively.

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Mobile Technologies: Making Life Science Field Service Technicians More Efficient

The life sciences field has begun to embrace mobile technologies. Companies realize that it can make them more profitable and competitive. There are a number of ways in which mobile technologies can be implemented in this sector. This post will deal with how field service technicians in the life sciences field can become more efficient as a result of mobile technologies.

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One Week Left: Boston Roadshow on April 10

There is still time to join Merit Solutions and Microsoft for a Digital Roadshow event on April 10th from 1-5pm EST at the Microsoft Technology Center in Burlington, MA.

During this afternoon event, attendees will discover ways growing organizations can leverage digital technologies to:

  • work smarter while improving decisions.
  • reduce operating costs while increasing volumes.
  • increase visibility while maintaining control.
  • rapidly deploy scalable systems while reducing upfront costs.

Attendance is free and lunch is provided. Registration required.

Digital Transformations for Growth
Monday, April 10th, 2017
1pm – 5pm EST

Microsoft Technology Center
5 Wayside Road
Burlington, MA 01803

Learn more about the agenda on our event website.


What Are Mobile Device Best Practices for Field Service Technicians?

Mobile technologies can boost a firm’s productivity, efficiency, and its revenue… if implemented correctly. Many of the articles and lectures praising the virtues of mobile devices leave out that crucial fact. That’s why it’s vital that if you’re going to implement mobile technologies at your organization, especially if it’s one that employs field service technicians, you understand what the best practices are so that you get the most out of these solutions. Read on to learn what steps you can take to ensure that the implementation goes smoothly and you reap the maximum benefits.

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Webinar: Improve Financial Performance & Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Is your Life Sciences company considering new financial management systems and processes?

Whether you’re preparing for Series A or B funding or managing financials for regulatory and shareholder reporting – Life Sciences companies have to be able to prove strong financial management capabilities. They need to capture R&D spend, comply with expense regulations like the Sunshine Act, control financial information, and better manage costs.

Register now and join presenters from Microsoft and Merit Solutions on April 13th at 12pm EST / 9am PST as we demonstrate the financial management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Improve Financial Performance & Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics 365
When: April 13th at 12pm EST / 9am PST
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Free
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Life Sciences Businesses Need More Than Simple ERP Systems

Life sciences companies are facing increased competition and experience periods of fast growth, especially after receiving FDA approval for a new product. As if that’s not challenging enough, there is increasing regulatory oversight which can be a distraction from core business processes. Early-stage and in-market life sciences organizations need more than entry-level software, but don’t need to invest heavily in costly ERP systems. Deploy a management solution that is flexible, agile and can support unique business operations today and well into the future.

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