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Using ERP to Improve Decision Making

Increasing global competition, customer demands, and costs are making today’s business environment tougher than ever before. As these trends continue to negatively impact your organization’s bottom line, it is becoming even more essential for executives to know exactly what is going on in their business - not last year, not last quarter - but right now, at this very moment.

However, most executives we talk to are unable to view business critical data in real-time. Instead, they have a mixture of disparate business systems - for financial management, CRM, shop floor, etc... The problem with this approach is that it takes quite a bit of time (often up to a month!) for information to make it from one system to another, hindering their ability to react and make informed business decisions. And by the time decisions are made, the chances are it’s already too late!

In order to gain the insight needed to make better decisions, these organizations need an end-to-end ERP solution that integrates all areas of their business and provides managers - as well as individual team members and contributors - with the information they need to make the right decisions at the right time!

Microsoft Dynamics AX enhanced business intelligence (BI) capabilities help people at all levels of your organization transform data into actionable insight. With the robust, out-of-the-box capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can get quick access to personalized BI information using familiar, easy-to-use tools. As an end-to-end business management solution built on the proven Microsoft technology stack—including the performance and services affiliated with Microsoft SQL Server—Microsoft Dynamics AX can solve today's business intelligence challenges with integrated information and tools, custom BI access, flexible viewing and analysis capabilities, and scalability for future growth.

Keep current on changing business conditions.

Accurately monitor current business activity, and compare it to historical activity and future plans to give people the contextual information they need to keep performance on track. Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers many integrated monitoring tools to help your people access the most relevant, accurate, and timely information about your business.

  • Get immediate notification about business activity. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, users can set up Business Alerts to automatically notify them about business changes. The Business Alerts feature monitors the Microsoft SQL Server database for conditions you specify.
  • Track and report on business financial performance. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps people understand how the business is doing financially—without having to wait until the books are closed. You can also easily create, manage, and distribute business financial statements.
  • Receive RoleTailored information. Role Centers within Microsoft Dynamics AX provide people with business intelligence information relevant to their jobs.
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers standard business metrics that allow managers to easily determine the real-time health of the organization. These KPIs can warn people when specified values reach a certain point above or below a target value.

Gain insight into your business.

It's not enough to gather accurate and timely data—people need powerful and easy-to-use analysis tools to help them understand context and trends. Microsoft Dynamics AX business intelligence functions provide people with the insight they need to take quick action and pursue opportunities.

  • Get immediate notification about business activity. Microsoft Dynamics AX allows people to organize and display data from the system in a way that makes sense to them and to then search those records according to specific criteria. People can save their searches as favorites or export data to Microsoft Office Excel or Word.
  • Unleash the power of Excel. Out-of-the-box, Microsoft Dynamics AX provides hundreds of Microsoft Excel reports that give you access to real-time data and are customizable. And, with Microsoft SharePoint, you can access reports from anywhere you have an Internet connection!
  • Look up and analyze data in innovative ways. Analysis Cubes in Microsoft Dynamics AX give people standard, preconfigured, online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes through Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services that offer virtually unlimited ways to look at data. The powerful, interactive analysis can serve as the basis for Reporting Services reports, Office Excel PivotTables, balanced scorecards, or interactive dashboards built with the Office Excel Add-in for Analysis Services.

Budget, forecast, and plan effectively.

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers flexible planning tools to help you compare budgets, forecasts, and plans to actual performance. It also gives you the ability to update budgets and plans on the basis of new data and analyses to help your business stay competitive.

  • Create, forecast, and adjust budgets. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, people can build budgets that incorporate market conditions and specific business objectives. And, when the business environment changes, you can adjust forecasts and budgets so that managers can respond effectively.
  • Plan more effectively. Create accurate, high-level plans instantly, using up-to-date data pulled directly from the General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics AX. And end-to-end integration across departments gives you access to all of the data, from summaries to transactions.
  • Empower decision-makers. Integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX and industry-leading tools, such as Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, and Microsoft SharePoint, gives your people the information they need to forecast, analyze, and make business decisions.
By implementing a fully integrated ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics AX - encompassing everything from sales and marketing to production and accounting - organizations can improve the accuracy of the information upon which decisions are based because each module of the software is tied together and information flows freely among them. Everyone from the top floor to the shop floor can have access to the information they need to drive business success across the organization.


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