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Welding Different Companies into a Business Powerhouse

The need to upgrade systems because of company mergers and acquisitions is a common purchasing trigger among many customers looking at new ERP systems. The combination of once separate companies and their particular applications of IT to business processes can result in a patchwork of disparate systems that cannot communicate effectively. The information needed to make good business decisions is there, but there’s no practical or timely way to assemble it in usable form.

The specific challenges involved in growth via M&A are as varied as the companies involved, but our research reveals that they can generally be categorized under one of four closely-related primary pain points:

  • Non-integrated, overlapping systems
  • Inability to scale to support growth
  • Lack of functionality (e.g., compliance issues)
  • Lack of operational insight

These pain points are not independent of each other. For instance, relying on non-integrated systems that cannot communicate effectively is likely to result in both poor scalability and a lack of operational insight. If you’re facing one of these pains, the chances are that you’re suffering to some degree with one or more of the others. Microsoft Dynamics AX gives organizations the ability to modernize their financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes to meet the challenges abve - along with the numerous other challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. The wide range of capabilities offered by Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you the tools to overcome many of the problems caused by growth via mergers and acquisitions.

You may be faced with the operational inefficiencies imposed by duplicate systems and processes inherited from multiple companies. Integrating critical systems such as ERP is a necessity if your company is to realize the economies of scale and other benefits of a merger or acquisition, but implementing, scaling, and maintaining such systems can require a significant amount of IT resources and impose a high total cost of ownership. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers tremendous flexibility, an easier implementation, a more rapid time to value, and a familiar user interface that drives adoption throughout the organization. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you get increased efficiency, higher productivity, and lower IT costs without sacrificing the functionality you need to weld formerly different companies into a single business powerhouse.

Or perhaps the problem is one of scalability. Your current system may present costly customization, support, and integration issues that hobble your company’s growth. Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to scale to support the largest enterprises with comprehensive core functionality, and deep industry-specific capabilities, so you can cost-effectively meet your current needs while remaining flexible to adapt and grow with change - no matter how large your company becomes.

You’re also likely to need more functionality than your current system delivers, not just because your company is growing, but to support the geographic dispersion that usually accompanies growth. If you’re a public company, there will likely be increased compliance demands, such as consolidated financial reporting across all the divisions that were once separate companies. Furthermore, to realize maximum value from your acquisitions, you’ll want to preserve unique business processes, rather than forcing every division into a common mold. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers hundreds of modules to cover virtually every functional need. And it is designed to integrate easily with third-party solutions for even more specialized operations.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of the integration and automation that Microsoft Dynamics AX can deliver is unlocking the business data you already possess—in disparate IT systems or the experience of managers and staff—but can’t access in a timely or practical fashion. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, the information you need to make better decisions and respond to competitive challenges is at your fingertips. Hundreds of customized reports make up-to-date business data easily available to users—no more complex reporting processes that only experts can use. Reduced staffing costs and faster access to data both help your company grow.

Is your organization considering growth through mergers and acquisitions this year? If so, discover the ROI Microsoft Dynamics AX can bring to you!



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