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Gain Better Business Insight and Drive Decisions to Build Your Business

Accurate information about how your business is performing is important at any time - but in difficult times, it is absolutely essential. Getting the right information to the right person at the right time has never been more critical to your business. Finding the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can bring insight and intelligence into your business is a must.

Are you looking for a solution that can accomplish these critical objectives?

  • Giving employees quick insight into predefined views of data tailored to their jobs.
  • Enabling employees to do more ad hoc analysis without engaging IT staff.
  • Enabling sales people to create customized pricing while on the road or in customer's office.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs by giving customers and field staff online ordering capabilities and round-the-clock visibility into order status.
  • Providing real-time access to a common set of accurate business information and helping your business operate more efficiently.
  • Giving you access to business information stored on employee computers, or on systems that don’t easily link with each other.
  • Analyzing project or contract profitability more efficiently.
  • Helping you quickly analyze all aspects of your business so that you can make better business decisions in high-risk situations.
If any of these objectives are in your business plan, Microsoft Dynamics AX can help. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides rich business intelligence capabilities to companies of all sizes, with specialized functionality for almost any industry. No matter what your business is, Microsoft Dynamics AX can erase boundaries between data silos and deliver the critical information needed for rapid, effective decision-making to key executives and staff, whether they’re on the road, in a customer's office, or at corporate headquarters.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can give you the business insight that will guide you to success. Here's how:

  • Accurate, up-to-the minute information about product costs, sales trends, and profit margins to inform strategic decisions about where to spend money, how to grow revenue, and how to strengthen margins.
  • Access to critical information about current sales—no matter where it's located.
  • Integrated sales and revenue forecasts from subsidiaries and recent acquisitions—even data in disparate systems—into all-up company reports.
  • Executive views of production schedules or resource availability on demand, without waiting for reports.
Business intelligence can mean the difference between an organization’s modest performance and real success. A business that can use its own data and information to help employees gain insight and make smart decisions will have a clear competitive advantage. Microsoft Dynamics AX's powerful BI capabilities make it easy for all employees—not just a select few—to access, work with, share, understand, and interpret data and information from across the organization.

To empower your entire organization with insight—at the personal, team, and organizational levels— business intelligence tools should be where your employees need them—on the desktop. Making BI tools accessible and easy to use no matter what application is used is paramount to making the most of data and information. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides extensive built-in BI functionality with capabilities that enhance productivity and facilitate collaboration.

Simplicity, ease of integration, and flexibility are Microsoft Dynamics AX hallmarks. And because Microsoft Dynamics AX can be integrated smoothly with other applications,  businesses can deliver essential intelligence throughout the entire organization. Businesses can also take advantage of their existing IT investments and grow and extend to meet changing needs, so that everyone throughout your organization is empowered to make better, more confident decisions.


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