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Accelerate Global Market Expansion and Growth

Organizations compete in an environment dramatically shaped by current economic conditions as well as ongoing challenges such as globalization, increasing customer demands, and escalating operational costs. Some businesses respond by cutting operations to the bone, while others go on the offensive and use technology to help them stay agile, streamline processes, and find greater efficiencies across their organizations. In this type of climate, your business can’t afford to stand still. You must be able to transform your business so you can embrace change with confidence.

However, if your organization has multiple sites and operations, you could be facing significant challenges to efficiency and growth. Disparate business systems, lack of supply chain visibility and control, and high IT maintenance costs can hold you back and make it difficult to support new growth initiatives. As your organization expands, the ability to rapidly scale your ERP systems to support new users, new locations, and new lines of business—as well as to improve the efficiency of core business processes—is critical. Systems that keep pace with your growing business can minimize growing pains and ensure your company is poised for future success.

Whether you’re supporting the organic growth of your existing business, expanding by adding new locations, or transforming your organization through merger or acquisition, Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you manage a smooth transition as you take your business to the next level. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can manage your organization across multiple operations with a single, adaptable global ERP solution that can:

  • Provide real-time visibility across your operations - Get a comprehensive, real-time view of your entire organization for financial reporting and improved decision making.
  • Optimize business processes - Consolidate and standardize processes to enable your organization to start optimizing business functions, such as intercompany trade, multi-site planning, shared services, and book closing.
  • Ensure smooth integration of merged or newly acquired companies - Rapidly gain visibility into the new or combined entity and/or subsidiaries by integrating all business systems and capturing manual business processes.
  • Collaborate across your virtual organization - Optimize your supply chain by working effectively with other operations, partners, and suppliers.
  • Expand easily into new markets - Rapidly scale your global ERP solution to support new locations, geographies, and industries with minimal IT effort. Work smoothly across borders with intercompany, multisite, multilanguage, and multicurrency capabilities, as well as support for local tax, regulatory, and market requirements.
  • Scale your systems along with your business - Improve the speed of transaction processing and scale your transactional volume by automating business workflows, freeing people for other, more productive work, and reducing overhead costs as you grow.
  • Simplify your IT environment - Standardize on a single ERP solution based on the Microsoft platform and innovate more easily by capitalizing on existing IT investments in Microsoft products and technologies, such as Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office.
ERP software—once considered a necessary commodity in the IT infrastructure—is now viewed as a strategic asset for organizations that want to remain competitive by quickly adapting to change and accelerating business performance. And although the idea of implementing or replacing an ERP system is daunting, the risk of doing nothing can significantly hinder business success and future growth.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can strengthen your position in the marketplace and provide the backbone of an agile, flexible system that helps your business grow, adapt quickly to change, and take advantage of new business opportunities. Simple to use, straightforward to implement, and quick to adapt, Microsoft Dynamics AX can be delivered in the way that works best for your organization—via cloud ERP or traditional on-premises. You can add staff, enter different geographies, launch new products, and pursue additional lines of business with the assurance that your IT system is there to support and help drive your strategic initiatives.


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