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Microsoft Dynamics AX Role Tailored User Interface Provides Insight and Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a RoleTailored user interface which provides instant insight and productivity for your people.

The RoleTailored user interface spans the Microsoft Dynamics AX rich client and Enterprise Portal and helps drive productivity and business insight through its familiar user experience and connection with business processes. Microsoft Word and Excel®, familiar and powerful tools that workers already know and use, work bidirectionally with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to enhance worker productivity. A flexible Help system provides added support when it is needed.

We believe that the key to helping businesses become more agile and productive in the global economy is to empower individual workers -- giving them tools that improve efficiency and enable them to focus on the highest-value work and a new generation of software is an important ingredient to make this happen. Our implementation of this is “RoleTailored productivity” and it is the key software strategy that enables the people-ready business by combining the worlds of business process automation and personal productivity.

Until now, organizations have had to deal with two distinct worlds of software applications: One involves the world of business process automation software, software that automates processes in areas like accounting, sales, and production. This software has proven to be very good at automating specific tasks, but it has proven to be rigid and hard to change. On the other side is the world of personal productivity software, the tools that we all use daily—Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Excel®, and the Web.

In-depth customer research has shown that increasing employee productivity helps drive overall company efficiency. So, how can business management software improve employee productivity? Our idea is to integrate the user experience of Microsoft Office with the user experience of business process applications in a way that is familiar and easy to use for the end user, and built around the way people in the company work - or “RoleTailored.” Software that’s targeted around the specific jobs people do can provide tremendous insight and help drive company-wide productivity. These integrated, flexible business management solutions enable people to make business decisions with greater confidence.

However, the value of a business system is not only about the ease of entering transactions, instead it is about turning those transactions into information, or business intelligence (BI), to help users make faster, better decisions. To do this, business intelligence must be an embedded part of the application, not a separate tool that requires users to take additional steps and switch contexts. Rich, embedded BI is at the core of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with:

  • More than 30 Role Centers shipped out of the box, to provide the right BI for each user's job role.
  • 11 SQL Analytics Server Cubes that provide data to Role Centers.
  • Key performance indicators that are role based and tailored to each process.
  • Over 800 out-of-the-box reports, all delivered through SQL® Server Reporting Services.
  • Rich interoperability with Microsoft Excel for outputting report and enabling analysis.
  • Interoperability with Microsoft PowerPivot for ad hoc slicing and dicing.
  • InfoParts providing in-context BI fully embedded throughout the Microsoft Dynamics AX user experience.
By automating and streamlining financial, customer relationship and supply chain processes, Microsoft Dynamics AX brings together people, processes and technologies, increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the business, and helping drive business success.


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