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The Emulation Risk in Mobile Applications Development and Testing

The variety of different possible mobile configurations can present a huge challenge for mobile application development. From a superficial perspective, it seems that mobile emulators present an easy answer to complete mobile applications development and testing, but is it the whole truth?

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Attach Behavior in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms behaviors lets you add functionality to user interface controls without having to subclass them. Attach Behaviors extend object functionality without writing a new control. In this video we will show the example of validating user inputs.

Exploratory Testing in Agile software development teams

Exploratory testing is investigative testing practice, which involves simultaneous learning about the software under test while designing and executing tests, using feedback from the last test to inform the next. Because there is a common misunderstanding that exploratory testing means simply “execute random actions and see what happens,” it is important to emphasize that this is a very rigorous approach. The same kinds of test design analysis techniques and heuristics are used in exploratory testing as in traditional test design, but the tests are executed immediately. The test design and execution becomes inseparable, a single activity.

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Android App Localization Using Xamarin Forms and resx

If you are developing Android mobile applications, chances are that you are going to need some kind of localization and internationalization. And if you are targeting multiple mobile platforms - you would most likely prefer to do that job in one place.

The use of Xamarin Forms, PCL projects and paradigms such as MVVM allow for a great code sharing between all the different platform projects. Ideally our solution for localization:

  • Should be based on resource files
  • Resource files should be maintained in only one project

Here is when resx files come into the game. Resx is very simple and powerful resource management solution, where you can add or remove string, image, audio and video effortlessly.

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Using Xamarin’s Signature Pad in Android apps

Xamarin’s Signature Pad control makes adding, changing, opening and saving signatures much easier. This example will show how to do basic operations like loading a signature from an array of points, saving a signature as an array of bytes, and exporting users' signatures as an image.

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LoadUI and SoapUI Tools for Performance Testing

LoadUI is a fully interactive drag-and-drop interface which allows users to create performance tests. With LoadUI, users can easily add or remove components and follow test statistics on the Statistic tab. For my testing, I use the Fixed rate, DataSource, SoapUI Runner and Table Log components:

  • Fixed rate sends trigger message at a specified fixed rate.
  • DataSource allow attaching CSV files to incoming Virtual Users.
  • SoapUI Runner uses values from DataSource. User can create project in SoapUI and use it.
  • Table Log displays incoming messages in a tabular format.

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Introduction to TypeScript

If you have been wondering what exactly TypeScript is, here is definition from their official website:

TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development.
TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.
Any browser. Any host. Any OS. Open Source.

So what is it really about?

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Improving the Quality of Existing Software (Code)

As a developer, most of your time is spent working on and in existing software code.

And after spending that much time working in code that was developed yesterday, you quickly come to the realization that, over time, software rots. And if you’re not diligent, what was once beautiful code can quickly degrade into a tangled mess.

Keeping your code in working condition is no different than changing the oil in your car – it’s preventive maintenance. And as a software developer, preventative maintenance can be done through refactoring and automated tests.

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Microsoft Test Manager Tips

Exploring Microsoft Test Manager, you can find some shortcuts that will be helpful for the work. One of them is Pausing and Resuming manual test.

When running a manual test in Test Runner, there may be a need for returning to MTM while running a test. You can click on the Pause button (from two different places), but that will not return you to MTM to view any details about the Test Plan or Test Cases.

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