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Client Spotlight: MannKind Corporation

Merit Solutions' client MannKind Corporation (Nasdaq: MNKD) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic products for patients with diseases such as diabetes.

We recently sat down with Van Kwok, Associate Director of MannKind, and asked him to discuss his partnership with Merit Solutions.

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Achieving Better Outcomes for Industry Leaders

When you make the decision to streamline processes and upgrade ERP systems, you expect to transform your business into an industry leader that is more agile, efficient, connected, and competitive.

Unfortunately, there is evidence to suggest that your ERP implementation will not achieve all of the benefits you defined at the start of your project. It is widely accepted that more than 50% of ERP projects fail; they go over budget, miss deadlines, and deliver little value post-implementation. 

At Merit Solutions, we believed there was something seriously wrong with this data - so we changed the model.

Learn how we changed the way companies approached business process and technology improvement projects. And how we changed the way those projects were sourced, designed, delivered, and supported.

Linda Petta Discusses 10+ Year Partnership with Merit Solutions

Linda Petta is the Director of Finance for United Way of Greater Cleveland - and she has been a Merit Solutions customer for more than 10 years!

We recently asked Linda some questions regarding her partnership with Merit over the past 10 years. Visit the Linda Petta - United Way of Greater Cleveland page to read what she had to say - and download their Microsoft Dynamics case study.

Then feel free to visit our customer quotes page to see what other companies had to say about their experiences with Merit Solutions.

Merit Solutions Named to 2013 Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club

Merit Solutions, a focused-strategy business process consulting and IT services company, has been named to the 2013 Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club. This achievement is a direct result of Merit Solutions’ outstanding dedication to customer satisfaction through the delivery of innovative business solutions that drive global business transformations.

The Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club is a prestigious honor that recognizes the top 5 percent of high-performing Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide. Membership in the Microsoft Dynamics President's Club is granted based a partner's continual, committed efforts aimed at offering solutions that meet the needs of their customers.

“Each year we recognize and honor Microsoft Dynamics partners from around the world for exemplary performance,” said Rich Wickham, general manager, Microsoft Dynamics Partner Strategy and Sales. “The award-winning partners contribute to the ecosystem and customer businesses alike through their exceptional commitment and expertise. Microsoft is honored to recognize Merit Solutions for their achievements this past year and for their dedication and support of Microsoft Dynamics applications.”

Merit Solutions helps customers transform their business through process optimization, change management consulting, and innovative IT consulting and development services. Our clients are medium to global enterprise businesses that want to leverage Microsoft business solutions to standardize business processes and eliminate risk - and then continuously improve their business.

In order to deliver superior returns for our clients' investments, we knew we had to become experts at defining and enabling optimal business processes, managing requirements, planning and estimating, forging consensus, and implementing complex global transformation projects. We employ industry-leading people, tools, and techniques that build consensus, speed, and momentum and guide projects - from blueprinting to support - toward success.

“Merit Solutions is honored to be included in this year’s President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics,” said Bill Burke, President of Merit Solutions. “Our dedication to client success has enabled companies across the world to enjoy streamlined processes, profitable growth, and reduced operational costs. We look forward to further supporting our clients and providing the highest value products and services to enable their business transformations.”

About Merit Solutions

Merit Solutions is a focused-strategy business process consulting and IT services company with a goal of being the very best at helping clients automate, grow, and transform their business using enterprise technology solutions. Our preference has always been to be deep, not wide, in what we do for clients, and to provide an overwhelming value for cost relationship that makes it easy for them to use our services repeatedly. With more than 800 clients representing over a dozen industries and countries worldwide, our longevity and success is directly related to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Risk Management Suite Questions

Merit Solutions has spent a lot of time over the past couple of months demoing our Microsoft Dynamics GP Risk Management Suite and its capabilities to new prospects while providing training to existing clients looking to upgrade. In both situations, two questions always seem to pop up:

  1. How do we make sure that we get (got) the roles and users right?
  2. How do we make sure we don't create a burden with tracking too many changes?

Interestingly enough, the answer to both is very simple. The implementation - not so simple.

  1. The first thing that each client has to ensure is that their business processes are efficient and that their ERP system is setup in a way to support those processes. The Risk Management Suite will comply to any set of rules you require - helping you increase your efficiency while making sure you comply with regulations. To receive the maximum value, efficient business processes have to be in place - and, often, that is not an easy task to complete.
  2. As for the second question, we recommend that tracking changes should be limited to business critical fields, tables, and processes, as that will make the system easier to implement, changes easier to track and will help a company meet compliance regulations.

On occasion, companies tend to track everything, including tables with high volume of transactions. While this is possible to do with Audit Trails, as with any other Microsoft Dynamics GP table, this is not recommended, as it will affect performance of your SQL Server, which will in turn affect all users and systems that use it.

In order to generate the highest value from the Risk Management Suite, we suggest that companies craft a smart tracking plan prior to implementation with procedures and policies in place that limit adding new tables to Audit Trails tracking without a strong business reason why.

Merit Solutions Named to 2012 VAR Stars

Merit Solutions has been selected as a member of the Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2012, a group of 100 organizations honored for their accomplishments in the field of midmarket financial software.

Members of the VAR Stars were selected based on factors such growth, industry leadership and recognition, and innovation. Selection is not based on revenue and those firms chosen represent a wide range of size and many different software publishers of accounting software.

“Each year, 100 VAR Stars are picked from the best organizations that market financial software. It is always an honor to recognize those who contribute to the development of our business,” Bob Scott said.

GP Risk Management Suite Earns "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics" Distinction

Merit Solutions, a leading IT services company that helps clients transform their business, announced today that its Risk Management Suite is now Certified for Microsoft Dynamics, which signifies that the solution has met Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software. By successfully meeting all certification requirements, the Risk Management Suite can now carry the distinct Certified for Microsoft Dynamics logo. It is the first Microsoft Dynamics GP-based Audit Trail and Electronic Signature application to achieve this distinct certification.

Solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics have demonstrated development quality and compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics product on which they run by passing rigorous software testing for Microsoft Dynamics performed by VeriTest (a service of Lionbridge). In addition, the Microsoft Dynamics partner must have customers who are successfully using the certified solution and are willing to recommend it and be a Gold Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Program.

For customers, Certified for Microsoft Dynamics helps identify Microsoft Dynamics solutions that have been tested for compatibility, meet high quality standards, and are successfully used by existing customers. This certification represents a significant step in elevating the standard for partner-developed software solutions for industry-specific business applications. By highlighting these solutions, Microsoft also creates new opportunities for partners to expand their reseller channel and to better promote their packaged Microsoft Dynamics solution for customers.

“This milestone demonstrates Merit Solutions’ commitment to delivering leading solutions and expertise for our customers,” said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Microsoft Dynamics Partners. “We congratulate Merit Solutions for meeting Microsoft’s highest standards of software quality and earning the CFMD distinction.”

The Risk Management Suite from Merit Solutions enables companies to manage financial, operational, and reporting risk to protect assets and maintain compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Audit Trails deliver strong tracking, tracing and reporting capabilities for business process changes that may result in risk. And with Electronic Signatures, preventative authorization controls can be activated at any place in the system where data is changed.

“Merit Solutions has always been committed to software excellence, and achieving Certified for Microsoft Dynamics status is a reflection of that commitment,” said Bill Burke, President, Merit Solutions. “This milestone also validates our dedication to providing regulated companies with the highest quality software solutions based on the Microsoft stack.”

Merit Solutions Customer Satisfaction Scores

As an IT consulting and services organization, we know our success is directly dependent upon the success of our customers. That's why we perform quarterly customer satisfaction surveys to measure our client's success and satisfaction.

Below are the up-to-date results of Merit Solutions' quarterly satisfaction surveys for 2012:

  • 94% of Customers agree that Merit Solutions team members are able to recommend appropriate and creative solutions to my business needs.
  • 94% of Customers agree that Merit Solutions team members set expectations correctly and deliver on commitments.
  • 94% of Customers agree that Merit Solutions team members treat all of my (customer’s) team members professionally.
  • 88% of Customers agree that Merit Solutions team members respond quickly to any of my requests.
  • 94% of Customers agree that Merit Solutions team members met project objectives.

Microsoft also performs an annual survey of all Merit Solutions customers and rates our performance as a Microsoft Business partner. This is an independent third party survey conducted by Microsoft. Merit Solutions customers gave us a total score of 190 out of a possible 200!

To see the full results of our annual scores for the Microsoft Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) program, view the Merit Solutions Customer Satisfaction page!

Life Sciences Cloud ERP Software

After spending more than 10 years working with the smallest medical device manufacturers to larger pharmaceutical organizations, we understand the unique needs of the Life Sciences Industry. For that reason, Merit Solutions developed MAXLife ERP - to help our clients overcome the business challenges of today while building and remaining flexible for what the future brings.

Quality Management

Take advantage of a fully integrated Quality Management system that enables you to improve product quality and safety, reduce organizational risk, and increase customer satisfaction.

Compliance Management

Enjoy extended Compliance Management features that support FDA requirements (including 21 CFR Part 11), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

With MAXLife software for Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can track product quality, proactively see and respond to manufacturing variability, meet GxP, Sarbanes Oxley, and 21 CFR Part 11 and Part 820 requirements, and simplify computer systems validation.

Learn more about Merit Solutions Life Sciences ERP Software, named one of the Top 15 Add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics AX by the site DynamicsWorld.