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Managing Developers and Testers Relationship in Agile Team

Agile teams usually have people with different competencies. Collaboration between team members is essential for the success of such teams.

In agile teams, there is a potential conflict of interest and opinions between developers and testers. Developers can feel bitterness and frustration when facing the testers’ bug reports and the discussions whether the bugs should be fixed or not can get heated and nasty. On the other hand, testers become the focus of blame and an easy target when bugs are released into production. From the upper management perspective, this “battle” is often perceived as productive, since it makes the projects move faster, but if the conflicts become too frequent and too personal, it may affect company’s everyday work and internal relationship, which can ultimately lead to the unsuccessful projects. Therefore, company managers should ensure that the team members have mutual respect for each other and to prevent thinking that the testers are troublemakers and vice versa. Product quality is a team sport and quality mentality should be facilitated among team members. At the end of the day, the clients’ needs come first and they will certainly be happier if they get high-quality product.

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5 Benefits to Cloud Based ERP Solutions

There was a time when businesses avoided cloud-based solutions at all costs.

Over time, however, people began to realize that moving data and applications to a reputable cloud vendor wouldn’t trigger a series of catastrophic events that they once feared. Once early adopters reported how satisfied they were with their decision to utilize the cloud, other businesses began to take notice and it became a serious option for most technical solutions. Nowadays, statistics show that of the 87 percent of small to medium sized businesses who have adopted cloud-based services, 43 percent wish that they had made the move sooner.

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Signs It Is Time For a New ERP Solution

According to a Panorama ERP study, 61.1 percent of all ERP implementations take longer than expected and 74.1 percent exceed their allotted budget. When you look at numbers like these the thought of updating your existing ERP solution is almost frightening. However, when we snap back into reality we realize that at some point in time every enterprise grade application is going to come to an end of its lifecycle; and your ERP solution is no different.

The question becomes, when do we know when it is time to upgrade our existing software and take on the project of implementing something new?

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Enterprise Mobile Device Trends in 2015

The year is only half over at this point, but it’s fair to say that some clear trends in the enterprise mobility space have emerged. Vendors and consulting firms have already carried out research about the mobile device trends that are shaping the enterprise in 2015 – read on to learn more about how they’ll affect your company.

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How to Speed up Xamarin.Forms UI Development Process Using Xamarin Forms Player

If you are using Xamarin.Forms to develop a UI for your mobile app, then you probably feel crippled by the lack of a designer. It can take a couple of minutes when making a simple change in your XAML file until you can see your change in action on your favorite emulator or device. This lag is known to cause a lot of frustration for developers working on UI design and can negatively influence productivity.

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Technology Planning and Sustaining Employee Engagement

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, do a Google search for the term “employee engagement.” You’ll receive almost 21 million results. A quick scan of the first page of results tells the reader what employee engagement is and what steps employers can take to achieve it. It’s clear from even a cursory glance that employee engagement is something organizations should take seriously if they want to attain success.

What many employers might not realize is that technology plays an important role in employee engagement. These are probably the same employers who view technology as a necessary evil and will only deploy a solution out of absolute necessity.

Organizations which view technology as a necessary evil stand in stark contrast to those which embrace technological change. These companies understand that technology enables business – without it, they cannot be competitive or successful.

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The Emulation Risk in Mobile Applications Development and Testing

The variety of different possible mobile configurations can present a huge challenge for mobile application development. From a superficial perspective, it seems that mobile emulators present an easy answer to complete mobile applications development and testing, but is it the whole truth?

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How Are Mobile Devices Impacting US Retail?

In 2012, Deloitte Consulting LLP discovered that smartphone usage influenced 5.1% of all retail store sales in the US. That translated into approximately $159 billion in forecasted sales for that year. The consulting firm predicted that by 2016, smartphones will influence 17-21% of total sales, which amounts to $628-$752 billion.

Even anecdotal evidence points to the strong and pervasive influence mobile devices have on retail in the US. How many times have you walked into a store and seen customers milling through the aisles, engrossed in what’s taking place on their smartphone screens?

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Attach Behavior in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms behaviors lets you add functionality to user interface controls without having to subclass them. Attach Behaviors extend object functionality without writing a new control. In this video we will show the example of validating user inputs.

Mobile BI Solutions: Leveraging Mobility to Make Better Business Decisions

Imagine having information you needed to make an important business decision right at your fingertips. You don’t have to think very hard about it – such a thing is possible, thanks to business intelligence software.

“Business intelligence” refers to a technology-driven process for analyzing data. Managers and business leaders rely on this data to make better decisions for an organization. Business intelligence software (known as BI) is software solutions which analyze information.

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