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The Necessity of Digital Transformation

Successfully executing on upcoming digital transformation initiatives has as much to do with effectively managing risk as it does with keeping up with the development of latest industry trends. No company wants to go all-in on the latest trend only to watch it be short-lived or unsustainable. A good example of this fear might be the latest dip in cryptocurrency values. While blockchain technology does seem to have real potential – it is still entirely too new and untested for the majority of organizations to commit significant resources to it. At the same time, being too slow to adapt can spell disaster for even the well-established organizations. Empty Blockbuster, Radio Shack and, soon, Toys R Us stores stand as daily reminders that standing in the way of change means only that you’re waiting to get run over by it.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Improving the Accounts Receivable and Collections Process

When it comes time to choose an ERP system, you have a number of options. Microsoft Dynamics 365 should be one of your top contenders. Why is that?

Dynamics 365 features better accounts receivable and collections procedures. Those in turn allow you to get paid faster, so you can improve your planning, budgeting, and cost management processes.

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Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 a Cost Center or a Business Enabler?

The time has come for a new ERP system. You want to make the business case for Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, you know that the powers-that-be will be hard to convince. They see new technology as a cost center rather than a business enabler.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 doesn’t fall into that category. It’s feature-rich and offers a wide variety of benefits – read on to learn what you need to know to build a compelling, convincing business case for this solution.

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Transforming healthcare with the Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) refers to the collection of medical devices and applications that communicate to healthcare IT systems through networking technologies. This is part of the wider movement happening in manufacturing, smart homes, energy management and smart cities also known as IoT (Internet of Things). Digital health is rising as consumers are taking more responsibility for their health and are demanding better access to their medical data, with technology organizations and startups finding easier ways to extracting this data and turn it into meaningful insights.

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Servitization of Manufacturing

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, lasting client relationships and high customer loyalty are becoming a crucial factor to a company’s success. This emphasis on driving for high customer satisfaction and repeat business is highly justifiable since there is a strong correlation between quality client relationships and the company’s ability to remain relevant and, ultimately, profitable.

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