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Taking Advantage of Data With Servitization Infographic

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Why Is Microsoft’s Suite of Products the Best on the Market?

Over the years, Microsoft has been criticized for not producing solutions and products that are innovative. There have been complaints that the technology giant lags behind the competition. However, the past several years have put many of those complaints to rest. Microsoft has adopted a “cloud first, mobile first” strategy that has resulted in cutting-edge solutions.

Microsoft’s business platform now outshines the competition. Read on to learn how Microsoft is leading the pack, and how its solutions can help you.

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[Webinar] Considering Azure: What’s Next for Your IT Department?

Most people now agree that the cloud has become a core element of any enterprise’s technology strategy. Indeed, in the past few years we have seen the conversation around cloud adoption move from “if” to “when” and “how.”

Every organization, sooner or later, will become aware that running a large portion of their IT portfolio – perhaps even the majority of it – in the cloud makes sense from a variety of perspectives. Many of these organizations, though, don’t know when, where, and how to begin their cloud migration discussions.

Join us on April 26th at 2pm EDT for our webinar, Considering Azure: What’s Next for Your IT Department?

During this webinar, we will discuss many of the factors to consider as you evaluate a move to the cloud. Specifically, we will explore the Microsoft Azure platform and the technology solutions and capabilities it provides – including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure IoT, Mobile Apps, Machine Learning, and more.

Considering Azure: What’s Next for Your IT Department?
April 26th, 2018
2pm EDT / 11am PDT
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3 Tips for compliance in the cloud

A few years ago, the cloud was met with uncertainty and skepticism by a majority of the business world. However, today it seems inevitable that on-premises systems will be in peril (at least those without any form of cloud deployment option). Cloud computing – a concept that boasts simplicity in deployment, operation and licensing – has, amongst other things, changed IT and business management across all industries.

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Whitepaper: The Value of Manufacturing Visibility

In our recent blog, 3 Issues Facing Discrete Manufacturers in Industry 4.0 , we mentioned the importance of high levels of visibility throughout the production process. This topic is being brought up more and more as manufacturers push to capture staggering amounts of data in order to gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry.

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