Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 a Cost Center or a Business Enabler?

The time has come for a new ERP system. You want to make the business case for Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, you know that the powers-that-be will be hard to convince. They see new technology as a cost center rather than a business enabler.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 doesn’t fall into that category. It’s feature-rich and offers a wide variety of benefits – read on to learn what you need to know to build a compelling, convincing business case for this solution.

What Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offer?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides excellent value for users thanks to its rich variety of features.

For a start, Dynamics 365 is more than just an ERP system. It also contains a CRM, creating cost savings as well as efficiencies. Moreover, there are a number of useful tools built in. Dynamics 365’s sales module contains analytics functionality as well as e-Commerce capabilities to improve user experience.

In addition, Dynamics 365 contains modules for customer service agents to help them increase customer retention and loyalty rates, tools for field service technicians that help them schedule proactive maintenance, project service automation, talent management tools, and marketing capabilities.

What Advantages Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Possess?

Dynamics 365 has some advantages over its competitors.

First, it’s part of the Microsoft family. That means that it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as Office and Outlook. The learning curve will be lower because users are already familiar with the interface. Lower learning curves equal faster return on investment.

Second, Microsoft has some advantages over the competition. Research from consulting firms shows that out of ERP systems from Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, Dynamics 365 has the lowest planned and actual costs, is the easiest to use, and is the least disruptive to users.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Business Enabler

To convince decision makers that Dynamics 365 is a worthy investment, you need to show them that it’s a business enabler rather than a cost center. Fortunately, Dynamics 365 makes that argument quite easy for you.

Think about what your current processes look like. How long do they take? How frustrated do users get? Can they easily collaborate? Is it easy to share information? With Dynamics 365, processes are faster, users don’t get frustrated because they know how to use the tools, it’s easy to collaborate, and sharing information with one another is simple.

All of those things enable business. They make workers more productive and efficient. Productive and efficient workers save businesses money – they don’t cost it more. Because Dynamics 365 has the shortest time to ROI of the three major ERP systems on the market, you’ll recoup your investment faster.

For too long, new technology has been seen as a cost center, rather than a business enabler. Some solutions enable business better than others – Dynamics 365 is one of those solutions. Its wide variety of features and ease of use make it the right choice for your organization.

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