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Digital manufacturing is about applying technology to radically transform traditional processes, products and services into data-driven, highly connected intelligent systems.

Discover how to transform your operations with digital technology and drive extreme efficiency gains, inspire and speed innovation, and deliver higher customer service.

More companies today are embracing Digital Manufacturing due to:

Digital Manufacturing - Mass Customization

Mass Customization

Consumers want highly customized, not mass produced, products. Digital manufacturing enables companies to be more nimble, efficient and responsive to create a more versatile, on-demand production model.

Digital Manufacturing - IoT

Product as a Service

Consumers don’t buy products – they buy the outcomes those products deliver. Digital manufacturing enables companies to provide value while a product is in use – improving customer engagement and fueling new revenue streams.

Digital Manufacturing - Technology Advances

Technology Advances

Decreasing price points have made advanced technologies like robotics, IoT, and 3D printing more readily available. Digital Manufacturing applies and integrates these technologies to transform value at all steps throughout the supply chain.

Digital Manufacturing provides value throughout the supply chain:

Azure IoT and Machine Learning

Key Digital Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Connect and monitor equipment and devices in the cloud for insightful analytics that help optimize performance and efficiencies across your devices, production lines, and factory.
  • Reduce manual, time-intensive processes when you connect and monitor your business devices and assets.
  • Access, analyze, and use previously untapped data to automate processes and trigger automatic alerts and actions that further increase efficiencies and decrease costs.
  • Anticipate maintenance needs to prevent failures and avoid unscheduled downtime.
  • Analyze streaming data to quickly assess conditions, recognize warning signs, and preemptively service equipment before costly repairs are needed.
  • Detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely before customers know there’s a problem.
  • Automatically dispatch the best technician and tools to deliver a first-time fix.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Key Digital Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Increase agility and efficiency with an integrated solution that optimizes production planning, project management, operations and activity scheduling, and cost management.
  • Improve quality and output by identifying and resolving issues through real-time insights.
  • Accelerate material and finished goods flow with advanced warehouse management, handheld scanner support, and transport management.
  • Optimize fulfillment and reduce costs by synchronizing commerce across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes.
  • Enable faster response to customer demand by seamlessly orchestrating order-to-cash.
  • Streamline procurement costs and gain more control by automating procure-to-pay.
  • Automate prospect-to-cash processes with an integrated platform that encompasses ERP and CRM activities.

Power BI & Analytics

Key Digital Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Reduce the amount of time spent looking for business data with a centralized location for all data across the enterprise.
  • Instantly know when your business needs your attention with real-time dashboards. Solve problems as they occur and seize opportunities as soon as they arise.
  • Provide intuitive search-like self-service capabilities that require little training and simplify reporting activities.
  • Turn increasing amounts and complexity of data into actionable insights that empower your team to make quick, confident decisions.
  • Dashboards, reports, and datasets provide every user with a personalized view of their business metrics that matter most.
  • Keep on top of your data no matter where you are. With touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android, you can access all your data wherever you go.

Why Trust Merit Solutions as Digital Manufacturing Partner:

Client Satisfaction First
At Merit Solutions, everything revolves around you, our client. It likely took months or years to earn your trust and we know it only takes seconds to lose it.

We Know Manufacturing
From process to lean, Merit Solutions has been deploying digital technologies into manufacturing organizations dating back to our founding in 1999.

Global Delivery
With successful clients across the globe – we deliver consistent performance and expected results while operating across geographies and cultures.

One Platform Partner
Digital manufacturing requires an end-to-end platform, not just ERP or IoT or Mobile apps. Very few Microsoft Partners are able to provide the entire platform.

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