In this era of the customer – where technology has transformed the social fabric of how we engage, connect and interact with one another – it is critical for businesses to gain insight into their customers’ needs in order to deliver experiences that build lasting relationships. Operating in today’s digitally-connected world impacts businesses in so many ways, that adapting to customer preferences with agility and speed is essential.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is for multi-site, international enterprises. With comprehensive capabilities for financial, human resources, and operations management, in addition to industry capabilities for retailers, manufacturers, service industries, and public sector organizations, it provides the agility you need to expand business opportunities, modify processes, and differentiate your business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 is now Microsoft Dynamics AX

Previously code named Microsoft Dynamics AX 7, Microsoft has announced the next release of AX and simply named it: Microsoft Dynamics AX.

This latest release delivers a new, intelligent user experience, optimized to deliver value to organizations by enabling them to make smarter decisions faster. It brings proven business processes to the cloud, which means that the full set of capabilities of this solution will be available to customers from day one. Dynamics AX introduces continuous management services that enable the software to quickly adapt to an organization’s business needs. The new Dynamics AX also harnesses the power of the cloud, giving businesses and people global availability and scale to work anywhere, anytime so they can grow at their own pace and on their terms.

A new user experience to accelerate decision-making

Businesses are looking to empower their people with tools they want to use and to enable them to make smarter decisions faster. To enable this, Dynamics AX offers a new user experience that looks and works like Microsoft Office and delivers deep integration that seamlessly shares information between Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM and Office 365. It gives people near-real-time analytics powered by Azure Machine Learning with the ability to visualize data through Power BI embedded right within the application. This gives users not only the information they need, but also predictive capabilities built right in the application. Dynamics AX offers a fully browser-based, new HTML5 client which gives people access to Dynamics AX across platforms and devices and enables organizations to extend and build business-specific mobile applications. Based on extensive usability analysis, the redesigned Dynamics AX brings a new touch-enabled, modern user interface that uses the principles of highly visual applications that users expect in consumer applications to their enterprise business applications.

Quicker implementation and easier management

ERP systems have traditionally been known for their rigidity, complexity, and slow deployments and implementations. Dynamics AX is changing the game in this area with revolutionary new technology that continuously enhances rather than disrupts business processes and operations. Bringing forward the breadth and depth of proven business processes in horizontal and vertical industries, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, professional services and public sector, the new Dynamics AX brings the complete capability of the product to market on day one and uses the cloud to provide ongoing service and management to adapt to business and industry needs. The new release also introduces enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services, an Azure-based service that allows for turnkey deployment with prebuilt, industry-specific solutions available in the Azure Marketplace and automated setup on Azure, empowering customers to deploy faster with higher quality. The new Dynamics AX delivers a more flexible solution architecture that enables incremental implementations, changes and updates, giving businesses more agility and faster time to value.

Enabling business through the power of the cloud

Businesses are looking for flexibility and choice in how, when, where and at what pace they bring their operational systems to the cloud. Building on the global Microsoft Azure platform, with its strong commitment and capability to meet diverse data locality and data sovereignty requirements, Dynamics AX is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of global customers. The new release brings with it the benefits of the cloud that are most important for business — from simple signup, immediate provisioning, and built-in high availability and disaster recovery to elastic capacity to add resources but only pay for them when they are being used.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics AX supports operational efficiency in all key functional areas, including:

By introducing a generation shift in the way we think about the ERP model, Microsoft Dynamics AX provides organizations with the necessary tools to complete their enterprise transformation. But don't just take our word for it – see what the analysts are saying about Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Implement with Confidence with Merit Solutions as Your Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant!

Like any enterprise ERP application, Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations involve more than just replacing software applications; they also involve the re-engineering of business processes and changing the tools and ways your employees operate. For those reasons, Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations require more than just software resellers. They require business process consultants, change management experts, certified project managers, experienced integration and customization engineers, high-value quality analysts, and reliable and responsive support teams.

Unfortunately, we've found that too many companies never receive any value from their investment into enterprise transformations because the systems and processes were not implemented correctly – or haven't been implemented at all! Experience and research shows that, in most instances, these challenged implementations are the result of working with the wrong consulting partner.

Learn more by reading our white paper, The Challenges of Working with the Wrong Consultant.

Merit Solutions has been working with global enterprises for more than a decade, helping them manage risk, ensure operating performance, maintain compliance, and pursue global growth opportunities. Through our industry-tested combination of front end process consultants, back end technology practitioners, and Subject Matter Experts, we have the expertise to enable your successful enterprise transformation.

As an end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant, our implementation services include:

Feel free to contact Merit Solutions if you are considering a Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant.

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