Empower your people to make confident decisions and drive organizational success. Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with Microsoft® SQL Server® to deliver extensible reporting tools and a business intelligence platform that provides access to relevant, real-time data across your organization.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Intelligence, you can take advantage of standard reports for all of your business processes; analytic reports that enable deep, multi-dimensional analysis; and ad-hoc reports that you create with SQL Server Report Builder and access without support from IT. OLAP cubes and RoleTailored business intelligence help ensure that your employees get the information they need to identify and respond to critical business issues.

As an end-to-end business management solution built on the proven Microsoft technology stack—including the performance and services within Microsoft SQL Server—Microsoft Dynamics AX can solve today’s business intelligence challenges with integrated information and tools, custom BI access, flexible viewing and analysis capabilities, and scalability for future growth.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Intelligence:

Improve customer relationships.

Get a real-time view of customer and prospect data with the ability to define relationships and track correspondence, phone logs, and automatically generated activities. Take advantage of that information to strengthen customer relationships.

Increase sales force productivity.

Identify and seize important sales opportunities with access to integrated sales information, and evaluate sales activities against the profitability of each segment or customer. Effectively manage your sales pipeline for increased closure rates.

Plan effective campaigns.

Simplify campaign planning, execution, and analysis by leveraging rich ERP data with definable processes that increase effectiveness and help control costs by measuring the success and profitability of each campaign.

Optimize sales by managing sales and marketing activities together.

Gain insight into customer needs, improve lead generation and qualification, and improve sales performance by combining sales and marketing information.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Intelligence (BI) Features:

  • Enhanced Reporting Tools
  • SQL Server Report Builder
  • SQL Server Report Designer
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Analytic Reports
  • Role Centers
  • Pre-defined Cubes
  • Permissions Based Access
  • BI Tools for Developers
  • … and more!