Shareholders, employees, suppliers, health care providers and patients – they all want anywhere, anytime access to the tools and data they need to do their job, buy your products, or evaluate your company as quickly and effectively as possible.

Unfortunately, FDA regulated organizations have long been hesitant to adopt mobile and cloud solutions due to a number of barriers and risks.

Learn more by reviewing the survey results of our Mobile Adoption in Life Sciences report. This 2015 Survey by Merit Solutions includes responses from more than 75 executives in Biotechnology, Healthcare, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Research organizations. Some of the main concerns regarding mobile life sciences solutions include:

  • Controlling data and device security.
  • The high cost to design, develop, deploy, and maintain mobile applications and devices.
  • The amount of time and resources required to design, develop, deploy, and maintain mobile applications and devices.
  • Enforcing and maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Enforcing and maintaining an enterprise-wide mobile strategy.

However, with MobiLife from Merit Solutions, Life Sciences organizations can design and deploy mobile solutions and strategies without the traditional cost, complexity, and time it takes to mobilize business processes.

MobiLife is a mobile strategy framework and development platform that enables FDA regulated organizations to analyze, design, deploy and manage individual mobile applications and an effective enterprise mobile strategy. MobiLife is designed for Life Sciences organizations considering going mobile because they want to achieve the following results:

  • Increase productivity of employees that work outside of the office or away from a desk.
  • Make interactions with business systems more intuitive and user friendly.
  • Enable quicker, more informed decisions with better access to accurate data.
  • Find new ways to interact with customers and drive new revenue streams.
  • Extend communication and collaboration capabilities with / among / between employees, partners, providers, and patients.

Merit Solutions works with Life Sciences companies to make mobility a reality. From individual workflows to entire value streams, our team can help organizations to mobilize critical and controlled business processes – including R&D, clinical trials, accounting, manufacturing execution, quality management, sales, maintenance and repair, medical records management, and more.

A partnership with Merit Solutions will ensure your mobile investments deliver the ROI you intended because:

  • Our experience with mobile technology implementations enables us to use multiple cross-platform development tools to build applications for all major mobile ecosystems – iOS, Android and Windows. We have the skillset to develop native, hybrid and web solutions capable of handling high-performance enterprise scenarios on the platform and the technology that suits your specific needs.
  • Our deep Life Sciences industry expertise means there is no time wasted getting caught up to speed on industry regulations or unique business processes.
  • Our Agile project development methodology allows for rapid, collaborative development – with near-real-time opportunities for feedback, changes, and risk mitigation.
  • Our preconfigured solutions, features, integrations, and best practices can be utilized to accelerate the design and development phases of the project.
  • We combine mobile developers with business consultants on every project, enabling us to continuously look for ways to streamline processes and optimize workstreams.
  • Our solutions are designed with an elastic and powerful architecture, maintaining integration with critical back-end business systems and external / online data sources.
  • Our solutions incorporate the industry’s leading solutions for Security, MDM, MAM, and Identity and Access Management – keeping your employees productive and your data protected.

Contact Merit Solutions today to discuss your pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotech mobile initiatives.