Business Transformation Mapping

In an effort to sustain growth, profitability, and competitive advantages, companies today are under an immense amount of pressure to optimize their business processes, information systems, and margins.

As a response, many companies are undertaking business transformation projects as a key priority now. These are projects that align an enterprise's people, processes, and technology investments more closely together, globally, to achieve more efficient and effective processes, and to gain information insight advantages. For many companies, these projects aim to reduce costs, accelerate growth, improve quality, and increase efficiency – and can span a period of months or years.

Unfortunately, we find that while many companies have made investments in IT business transformation projects looking to improve, standardize, automate, and consolidate systems and processes – few have actually achieved the business results they targeted. We believe this is because many organizations, and their software resellers, still view today’s business transformation projects as “traditional ERP implementations”.

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