Microsoft Dynamics AX offers powerful manufacturing features for lean, discrete, and process manufacturing businesses on a local and / or global scale. Microsoft Dynamics AX enables companies to improve operational efficiency with better inventory controls and automated processes.

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Manufacturers are under growing pressure to produce the right products at the right price in the right quantities — while meeting compliance standards and the evolving demands of customers. Traditionally, ERP has been the domain of large manufacturers that could deploy and support complex and rigid systems — beyond the reach of the mid-sized manufacturer. Microsoft and its partners has changed the equation by providing users with industry expertise, flexibility, role-based user interfaces, and functionality to provide greater visibility for decision making across manufacturing and supply chain processes.

Greater visibility enables manufacturers to focus less on the tactical pressures of the marketplace and more on innovation and strategic growth. Organizations moving from disparate or traditional paper-based systems are likely to achieve significant returns from Microsoft Dynamics AX in terms of productivity and visibility alone. Deployed properly, Microsoft Dynamics AX can deliver a positive ROI in fewer than 18 months.

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