ERP and The Risk of Being Outdated

The need for modern systems is the most common issue facing today’s IT buyers. Systems that haven’t kept up with changing business demands impose increasing operational inefficiencies that can severely impact a company’s bottom line.

The specific situations that lead to a recognition of the need for modern systems are as varied as the companies involved, but our research reveals that they can generally be categorized under one of four closely-related primary pain points:

  • Manual processes that cause mistakes and inefficiencues
  • Integration problems with other systems, both internal and external
  • Lack of operational insight
  • Legacy software support and customization issues​

There are a variety of reasons why companies delay an ERP implementation or upgrade. Fear of change. Budget concerns. Previous experiences with ERP projects. However, many organizations are actually paying more for inefficient processes and silos of data than they would for a new ERP system – without realizing the ROI that new ERP can provide.

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ERP and the Risks of Being Outdated