Today's food companies need to focus on minimizing risk (by implementing HACCP) and preventing and responding to food safety incidents (through Food Safety Incident Management and Recall Management). Failing to adhere to these regulations can hinder consumer and shareholder confidence, erode your bottom line, and cause irreparable damage to brand equity.

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In a challenging environment full of new opportunities, food and beverage manufacturers must advance their supply chains beyond traditional buy-and-sell relationships to retain existing business and capture emerging markets. Without a strategic focus on supply-chain management and collaboration and the resources, best practices, and systems to support that focus—such as ERP, CRM, and BI solutions—operations throughout the supply chain can rapidly deteriorate, putting quality, profitability, and lives in jeopardy. In contrast, strategic supply-chain performance ensures that the right products hit the right markets at the right time, reducing waste, lowering inventories and costs, and improving customer satisfaction.