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Azure Cloud Managed Services

Do growth strategies make it impossible for your team to continue relying on a network of fragmented, outdated, or high-cost solutions and vendors? Merit Solutions can help you modernize and simplify your enterprise infrastructure and apps to gain operating efficiencies and improve the collection, reporting, and use of business data – without needing to build out your own data centers or internal teams.

App & Data Center Migrations

Proven methodology and best-in-class tools ensure your Azure migration is secure, rapid, and cost-effective.

Backups, Archive and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Protect your data and ensure your applications work when you need them most – avoiding costly business interruptions.

Troubleshooting, Monitoring, & Testing

Complete platform health monitoring, triaging, and testing to proactively act on issues before any loss in performance.

Updates and Patches

Fast, accurate, and tested deployments of security patches or updates prioritized by your own internal specifications.

Incident Management/ Help Desk Support

User, system, and app support from dedicated resources ensure peak performance around the clock.

Identity and Access Management

Protect access while enabling single sign-on or multi-factor authentication. Monitor suspicious activity / security risks.

Reporting and Analytics

Proactive infrastructure reporting and analytics to continuously optimize performance and find areas to increase value.

Solution Costing and Spend Optimization

In a ‘pay as you go’ model, we manage the burden of ensuring consumption stays in line with budgets while finding cost reductions.


Organizations that partner with Merit Solutions’ Azure Managed Services typically see benefits in a number of areas, including:

Simplify Enterprise Architecture
Consolidate networks of legacy apps and vendors into a simplified, modern, and unified platform that reduces costs and increases performance.

Achieve Enterprise Scalability and Power
Benefit from enterprise-grade functionality, flexibility, scalability, uptime and power – without enterprise-sized budgets and resources.

Enjoy Peak Performance
Know that your applications and infrastructure are operating at peak performance around the clock – without the need to internally manage them.

Protection from Downtime, Lost Data, or Security Threats
Industry-leading SLAs, certifications, security measures and privacy policies ensure your data is secure, protected, and under your ownership.

Augment IT Capacity and Resources – On-Demand
Scale IT environments up-or-down as needed, paying only for what you need and when you need it. Rely on our team to be an extension of your team.

Reduce IT Costs and Free Resources to Drive Revenue
Eliminate the high costs associated with managing multiple apps, vendors, or data centers – freeing IT resources to focus on generating revenue.

When to use Azure Cloud Managed Services:

Your organization may want to move to an Azure Cloud Managed Services strategy for any number of reasons, but here are some of the more common reasons we’ve seen:

Lack Internal IT Resources

You do not have the internal IT personnel or resources needed to manage an enterprise cloud platform.

Too Many Partners

Multi-vendor networks are proving to be too difficult to manage in a cost-effective manner – and there is no clear platform accountability.

High Outsourcing Costs

Outsourcing to large, global SIs has become too costly, response times are growing, and innovation is slowing.

Protect Critical Business Assets

With the rise of modern security threats, it is critical to apply the right level of data protection and theft detection technologies to your critical assets.

Refocus on Revenue

Rather than investing resources on routine maintenance and support – refocus those resources on activities that grow revenue.


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