Today’s enterprises have ample opportunities to leverage the advantages derived from being globally operated in order to continuously improve and sustain long-term success. End-to-end visibility, global brand advantages, sourcing and procurement power, and the ability to move quickly on market opportunities are all examples of benefits of globalization. The most successful companies today are those that can anticipate rather than react to those signals.

In an effort to sustain growth, profitability, and competitive advantages, many executives are looking to enterprise transformation projects hoping to align their people, workstreams, and information flows investments more closely together, globally, to create more efficient and effective operations, resulting in higher value to their customers.

Unfortunately, we find that while many companies have made investments in enterprise transformation projects looking to gain improvements, make work repeatable, remove waste, and increase value to their customers – few have actually achieved the business results they targeted.

We believe this is because many organizations still view today’s business transformation project as a “traditional ERP implementation”.

One main challenge associated with "traditional ERP implementations" is putting too much focus and emphasis on technology while ignoring the true heart of every enterprise transformation project – the people and workstreams that are enabled by those systems.

Why Merit Solutions?

The most successful businesses today did not view their enterprise transformation journey as an ERP implementation. Instead, they viewed it as an opportunity to improve performance through more efficient work streams, enabling their people to increase the value provided to customers.

These organizations engaged the time and expertise required to properly define their current and ideal business flows prior to selecting the software that best supports those workstreams. By shifting the focus from technology to the workstreams that deliver the most value for customers, these companies established a foundation for continually improving business performance. And, they consciously invested in Change Management to ensure that all internal and external users could easily adopt these changes.

Companies that embrace business transformation with Merit Solutions can expect to achieve the following benefits:

  • Optimize Value Streams – Gain a clear understanding of how your business activities are currently combined and where the most optimal workstreams can be combined to flow value to your customers.
  • Eliminate Waste – Remove overproduction waste, waiting waste, motion waste, transportation waste, inventory waste, excess capacity, and defect waste.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – Take advantage of new ways for work to be delivered and new ways to exist in the relationships with your customers – increasing the value they derive from your products and services. And as value increases, so does customer satisfaction and loyalty, improving the probability that they will remain a client in the future.
  • Improve Profitability – Enterprise transformation is about improving customer value through workstreams that, when combined together, deliver products and services better, faster, and at lower costs. Automating workflows, eliminating errors, removing redundant tasks, and making work repeatable free up employees’ time, enabling them to focus on improving service levels. All of this results in higher profitability for you.
  • Enabling a Foundation for Sustained Success – The future success of your organization depends on the ability to continually rethink ways to provide higher value to your customers. Companies need to assess customer value and challenge the ways they create value through continuous improvement initiatives. Companies that focus on customer value in continuous improvement will build the ultimate foundation for sustained success.

Merit Solutions works with clients to understand and triangulate their exact business needs in terms of people, workstreams, and enabling systems. From future state business process mapping to systems analysis, fit-gap process definition and scoping, sourcing, design and deployment, integration with other systems, and on-going support – we provide end-to-end global services that help clients successfully transform their business and build a foundation that continuously flows value to their customers.