All projects are constrained by four factors: time, costs, quality and scope. For any project to be successful, these four constraints must be in equilibrium. If any constraint is out of balance, the project is headed for disaster.

Therefore, efficient and effective project management is a critical component of any enterprise transformation project – and the future success of the global enterprise. Without strong project management, control, and visibility – these initiatives often fail to deliver their desired results.

Unfortunately, we've found that too many enterprise transformation projects fail due to frequent scope changes, a lack of skilled resources, or unrealistic estimates and expectations. These projects do not deliver the expected results, have significant cost and schedule overruns, or are put on hold / cancelled completely.

Setting a solid project management foundation can enable enterprises to define, prioritize, understand, and measure project performance and any impact on the organization. When done correctly, Project Management helps companies execute and implement their projects on-time, on-budget, and on-spec.

Why Merit Solutions?

Merit Solutions uses proven project management tools and methodologies to help deliver higher value outcomes for our clients. The tools, templates, and best practices provided throughout our methodology are proven by the Project Management Institute and can help increase the consistency, timeframe, quality, and success of projects.

We help guide more projects to successful outcomes by:

  • Utilizing the Agile Project Management approach with Sprints and Solution Backlogs to enable the project team to efficiently manage capacity for all project members.
  • Basing all of our project decisions on delivering Client Business Value and achieving the project's desired outcomes.
  • Identifying potential risks and opportunities earlier in the process reduces "fire fighting" and enables quicker more informed decisions.
  • Teaming front-end business process consultants with back-end technology experts to deliver projects that can be more easily transitioned and adopted.
  • Providing communication and reporting on project tracking and performance to keep projects on-track and executives informed and committed.

Our clients understand the value of proper project management. More importantly, they understand the potential risks and costs associated with failed or drawn out business transformation projects that are the result of inadequate focus, investment, and control.