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What Are Best Practices for ERP RFPs?

The RFP for your ERP system might not seem like it’s important. In fact, you might be tempted not to invest much time or effort into it – you just want to get the process over with, start using your ERP system, and become more efficient and agile. That would be a mistake.

You want the best RFP possible, because your RFP provides vital guidance for your vendors. To write the best RFP possible, you need to follow a set of best practices to achieve success. Read on to learn what these best practices are so you can incorporate them into your RFP.

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What Are Some Best Practices for Migrating to the Cloud?

Although the cloud is rapidly becoming a permanent fixture in the IT landscape, companies are still determining whether migrating to a distributed computing architecture is the right move for them. They can rest assured that the cloud lowers costs and boosts efficiency levels.

However, in order to reap the maximum benefits of the cloud, best practices should be followed to ensure that the migration goes smoothly. Read on to learn what you should keep in mind when moving to the cloud.

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What Are Mobile Device Best Practices for Field Service Technicians?

Mobile technologies can boost a firm’s productivity, efficiency, and its revenue… if implemented correctly. Many of the articles and lectures praising the virtues of mobile devices leave out that crucial fact. That’s why it’s vital that if you’re going to implement mobile technologies at your organization, especially if it’s one that employs field service technicians, you understand what the best practices are so that you get the most out of these solutions. Read on to learn what steps you can take to ensure that the implementation goes smoothly and you reap the maximum benefits.

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Everything You Wanted to Know about BYOD (But Were Afraid to Ask)

If you do an online search for the term “BYOD,” you’ll get two types of results. The first category will talk about how wonderful BYOD is, while the second will bemoan the security risk and burden BYOD creates for companies. BYOD is neither wholly good nor absolutely terrible – the reality is a bit more complex. Read on to learn about the benefits, risks, and best practices associated with BYOD.

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AXUG Summit Session: Microsoft Dynamics AX Rescues

Join us at AXUG Summit 2014 for our session, Risks, Warning Signs, and Best Practices for Stabilizing Your Microsoft Dynamics AX Project.

Enterprise Microsoft Dynamics AX projects face a number of risks and challenges due to the transformational impact they have on companies. And recently we’ve seen an increase in the number of companies who receive limited value from their investment into Microsoft Dynamics AX because the system was not implemented correctly – or hasn’t even been implemented at all! Join us for this session as we discuss the major risks associated with Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise projects, how to identify the warning signs that your project is under stress, and ways you can stabilize, turnaround, and optimize your enterprise platform

This session takes place Thursday, October 16th from 3:15 – 4:15pm in Room 105.