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Why Does Built-in Business Intelligence Matter?

The old saying “knowledge is power” has never been more true than in today’s business world. There is so much information out there, and so much knowledge you can derive from that data. But, what’s the best way to do it?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides built-in business intelligence capabilities that give you greater insights into your information. With those insights, you can make better decisions and increase your revenue.

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Managing Supplier Risk in the Food and Beverage Industry

To be a food or beverage manufacturer is to face enormous amounts of risk. These are highly regulated industries in which the slightest mistake could actually cost customers their lives, and penalties for failing to comply with the law are jail time. On the less serious end of the spectrum, changes in customer demand are also a risk food and beverage manufacturers must navigate.

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Using Business Intelligence Wisely

“I just spent the last three days building a report for the boss on the accept / reject rates at each inspection point. I got an order list from sales. I found paper reports on the inspections. I put it all together in a spreadsheet with beautiful colors and formatting. It was a lot of work and I am proud of the report.”

“That sounds great. Why the glum look?”

“The boss wants even more details. In addition, this report needs to be ready at the end of every month. I cannot spend that much time. I need a better way to publish this report.”

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BI and Data Intelligence for IT


Make Business Intelligence More Accessible

Want to improve productivity in a quick and affordable way? With Power BI, you can create dashboards in seconds that monitor and analyze everything from Active Directory to Zendesk, and it integrates seamlessly with SSAS for when you need enterprise-scale BI solutions.


IT Spend

  See everything in one place including network systems, services, applications, and security data.

  Connect Power BI easily to other tools.

  Integrate Power BI with your existing solutions for an end-to-end approach to data analytics.

  Work equally well with Microsoft products like Azure Active Directory and non-Microsoft products like SAP.

Help Desk

  Identify risks sooner by tracking key metrics in real-time.

  Streamline ticket resolution by optimizing Help Desk resources based on trend data.

  Visually compare key metrics in real-time, including Help Desk traffic and top issues.

  Build better relationships with your customers by reducing help ticket satisfaction.

Security & Compliance

  Give your users data independence through easer report development that combines multiple sources into a single model.

  Enhance network security with early visibility of compliance risks.

  Track adherence to security, software, and other standards in real time.

  Pool security data, like network access logs, and display it visually on a single dashboard.

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BI and Data Intelligence for Operations


Stay a Step Ahead of Demand

Is your organization truly data-driven? With Power BI you can quickly monitor and engage with your data from all sources, including Excel workbooks, on-premises databases, and cloud services. Find new insights for your production, store performance, claims analysis, and more.



  Improve insight by combining data from production to distribution.

  Lead stand-up meetings on the factory floor with live dashboards.

  Optimize manufacturing performance.

  Easily identify areas for process improvement.

Store Performance

  Keep teams on the same page by sharing the latest operational data in a few clicks.

  Stay on top of your allocation across geographies.

  Closely manage inventory counts with live metrics that tell the whole story.

  Easily spot trends to better analyze which product to prioritize.

Claims Analysis

  React faster with mobile alerts for shipping gaps, stock shortages, and other time-sensitive needs.

  Improve efficiency by analyzing metrics like past total claims, production output, or shipment times.

  See your data on a dashboard with drag-and-drop capabilities and stunning visuals.

  Maintain one version of the truth across departments and tell a clearer story.

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