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Using Business Intelligence Wisely

“I just spent the last three days building a report for the boss on the accept / reject rates at each inspection point. I got an order list from sales. I found paper reports on the inspections. I put it all together in a spreadsheet with beautiful colors and formatting. It was a lot of work and I am proud of the report.”

“That sounds great. Why the glum look?”

“The boss wants even more details. In addition, this report needs to be ready at the end of every month. I cannot spend that much time. I need a better way to publish this report.”

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How Many Data Sources Can Your ERP System Connect To? Yes, There Is a Right Answer to This Question

Here’s a pop quiz for you: how many data sources can your ERP system connect to? You might think that this open-ended question wouldn’t have a right or wrong answer, but it actually does.

If you find yourself saying, “Well, our ERP system can only connect to one or two data sources,” that’s a bad thing. Read on to learn why your ERP system’s inability to connect to a variety of data sources is a sign that you should consider replacing it.

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