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6 Tips for a Successful ERP Implementation

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a major proposition for any organization. In addition to the monetary investment and maintenance, there are also costs in terms of dedicated resources and time. A new solution is not deployed overnight and all too often we hear about failed ERP implementations.

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What Are the Benefits of End User Training in an ERP Implementation?

How familiar does this scenario sound: you’re creating an ERP implementation strategy, and someone suggests that end user training should be included. Someone else says, “That’s going to cost money. What do we get out of it?”

It might seem like a no-brainer to offer end user training as part of your ERP implementation, but it’s still necessary to make a business case for it. Read on to learn the benefits of providing this training to end users so that your ERP implementation delivers the highest ROI possible.

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Recovering from a Failed ERP Implementation

It’s no secret that ERP implementations fail. In fact, Gartner Research estimates that between 55 to 75 percent of all ERP implementation projects fail. Even if you think that the latter number is a bit high, the thought that over half of these projects may be considered a failure is quite frightening. Not only that, but it is something that you may find yourself having to recover from.

We have talked quite a bit about steps you can take to help prevent your implementation project from failing, but what if you are one of those who are looking around knowing that your ERP solution isn’t working for you? If your organization has come to terms with the fact that you are dealing with a failed implementation, then its time to start planning a comeback. The following steps will get you started on the road to recovery.

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Dealing with Change Management and your ERP Implementation

Your team has done all the research and realized it is time for a new ERP solution. The business case is made, the right application has been selected and you’ve communicated the benefits to everyone in your organization. With all of this, buy in shouldn’t be an issue right?

Unfortunately, too many people think this way only to realize late in the game that the end-users, or even management, don’t readily accept the change in the way things are done. Without employee buy-in, your project stands a good chance of falling flat. So what can you do to get people to adopt change and champion the new ERP solution?

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Fit Gap Strategies

A fit-gap analysis is a vital part of selecting and successfully implementing an ERP software solution. Without knowing where the software complements existing processes and, even more importantly, where there are gaps between requirements and functionality, the risk of a failed ERP implementation rises dramatically. Organizations can take different approaches to a fit-gap analysis, including brainstorming, questionnaire-based inquiry, and simulation.

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