Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs that You’ve Outgrown Your ERP System

There are four signs that you’ve outgrown your ERP system. The first sign is that it has limited functionality. Second, your ERP system is neither user-friendly nor intuitive. A third sign is that your support costs are growing ever higher. Finally, you can’t connect to all of the data that you need.

It’s easy to ignore these signs. How many rationalizations have you come up with to justify not investing in a new ERP system? “It still works. The ERP system isn’t broken. We can still afford these support costs… for the time being.” Read on to learn why these signs are too important to ignore, and what the consequences are for not updating your ERP system.

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Four Signs You’ve Outgrown Your ERP System

When you first purchased your ERP software, it might have been the latest and greatest thing on the market. Or, perhaps you felt forced into purchasing an ERP system because everyone else was doing it, and you thought you could derive a competitive advantage from it.

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