Three Approaches to End User Training

Even the most sophisticated ERP system that automates much of the supply chain requires employee interaction with the software. Forgetting this fact can cost a company. What is designed as a streamlined workstream can bog down when a user is uncomfortable or inefficient at using the software. It is imperative that the process of implementing a new ERP system include end user training. Employees are naturally resistant to change, and awkwardness with new software tools can increase that resistance. Fortunately, end user training can alleviate these problems. There are three options for addressing this need for training: in-house training, outsourcing, and a hybrid of the two.

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Choosing a Contract Manufacturer- It’s All in the Family

With increased scrutiny on the supply chain and rising complexities, finding a dependable manufacturing partner is critical. Outsourcing to a contract manufacturer may seem like an easy thing to do if your company does not have the expertise, equipment or capacity to manufacture a product. You turn to a distant family member to fill in the gaps and move on to something else. However, if not sufficiently evaluated or controlled, the solution becomes the crazy aunt you wish would go away. Ultimately, the sponsor company is accountable to ensure that the contract manufacturer is compliant with cGMP and applicable Quality System Regulations.

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