Finding the ROI in Higher Productivity in Your ERP Implementation

If you’re looking into investing in an ERP system, you’ve read about all of the benefits that they bring to organizations. One of those benefits is higher productivity.

Productivity gains are considered a hidden source of ROI because they’re harder to quantify. However, they’re no less important than other advantages that ERP systems bring to companies. Read on to learn how you can harness the power of increased productivity thanks to an ERP implementation.

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Can Mobile Technologies Make Field Service Workers More Productive?

Since the dawn of the manufacturing era, companies have been focused on increasing their employees’ productivity. In economics, productivity is the output per unit of input. The greater your output and the lower your input, the more productive you are. Many people have claimed that they know the secret to increased productivity. With the advent of mobile technologies, employees can be significantly more productive. Read on to learn how field service technicians in particular can increase their productivity.

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Mobile Technologies: Give a Boost to Your Sales Team’s Productivity

What if there was a tool you could give your sales team to help its members become more productive? You would want to give it to them – everyone wants to be more productive, especially when it comes to sales. Such a tool indeed exists. It’s mobile technology. And many companies are leveraging it to make their sales teams more productive so they can become more profitable.

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Mobile Apps on the Shop Floor: Increasing Productivity

Every business wants to be more productive. Higher productivity means higher revenue (which in and of itself is desirable). The quest for increased productivity is never-ending, especially in manufacturing. Highly productive shop floor employees boost the company’s bottom line. What if there was a tool to make those employees more productive? There is. Mobile apps can improve shop floor employees’ productivity, making the whole firm more profitable.

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Ways Your ERP Solution Makes You More Productive

Technology is supposed to help make employees more productive. Whenever a new enterprise software application is rolled out, there are always promises that it will make it easier for people to do their job or it will cut down on mistakes or even that it will reduce duplicity in the organization. But as most people have seen over their careers, there is quite a bit of software that doesn’t make good on these promises. Employees become so frustrated that their productivity levels actually go down.

ERP solutions do have the potential to help increase productivity in your workplace because that is exactly what they are built to do. Increased productivity is not simply a by-product, it is the goal of the implementation. By taking a closer look at how ERP applications help increase productivity, you can see why they are such an important tool for just about every type of organization.

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