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How Do You Find the Best ERP Vendor Based on RFP Responses?

You’ve written the RFP, and vendor responses are starting to roll in. Choosing the right vendor should be easy, you think. It’s a matter of picking the best one, right?

Here’s the problem: what you think is the best is subjective. Your colleagues may well believe that Vendor B is much better suited than Vendor A to provide your ERP system. How do you choose? This post will explore how you can create an evaluation system so the vendor selection process is smooth and headache-free.

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What You Should Expect from Your ERP Vendors in Your RFP, and Why It Matters

At many firms, RFPs are overlooked opportunities. These documents give companies the chance to tell vendors what they want out of an ERP system. It’s also the time for businesses to share what their expectations of the vendor are. After all, how can you expect a vendor to do something if you never share that information?

Read on to learn about what you should reasonably expect from your vendors when writing your RFP and why those expectations are important.

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The One Step You Need to Complete Before You Submit an RFP for an ERP System

What is the one thing you need to do before you submit your RFP for an ERP system? Some people might say, “Finding a person to write the RFP,” or “Setting a deadline for when it has to be completed.” Those things are important, but they can be figured out along the way. When it comes to writing an RFP for an ERP system, there’s one thing that’s absolutely crucial: setting internal requirements for what you want and need out of an ERP system.

Read on to learn why setting internal requirements is so vital, and why you can’t submit an RFP without this step.

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