[Webinar] Dynamics 365 for Sales: Turning Relationships into Revenue

Join us for this webinar as we demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales enables sales teams to go beyond sales force automation (SFA) and to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals. During this session we will through standard core “CRM” functionality such as contact, account, lead and opportunity management – as well as unique differentiators such as Microsoft Office and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrations.

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Mobile Technology Best Practices for Sales Teams

There’s a powerful tool in today’s salesperson’s arsenal. It doesn’t have to do with a new technique or method taught in a workshop. We’re talking about mobile technology. However, as with any type of technology, best practices help users achieve optimal results. Read on to learn some mobile technology best practices for salespeople.

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Moving into a New Market? Mobile Apps Can Help

Expanding into a new market is a sign of success. Your business is growing and becoming more profitable. However, expansion is usually accompanied by growing pains. Entering new markets offers opportunities, but also challenges. What if there was a technology that could reduce the hassle of expanding into a new market? There is: mobility. Read on to learn how mobile technology can make it easier to help your salespeople transition into a new market.

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The Secret to Higher Sales, and How Mobility Can Help You Unlock It

What if there was a way your sales team could increase its sales (and your company’s profit) without a great deal of effort? You would be quite interested in learning this secret. Well, it isn’t a secret. It’s called upselling. Sales teams have successfully harnessed the power of upselling for years. However, new developments in technology make upselling even easier. One of these developments is mobility. Read on to learn how mobility improves opportunities to upsell.

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Mobile Technologies: Give a Boost to Your Sales Team’s Productivity

What if there was a tool you could give your sales team to help its members become more productive? You would want to give it to them – everyone wants to be more productive, especially when it comes to sales. Such a tool indeed exists. It’s mobile technology. And many companies are leveraging it to make their sales teams more productive so they can become more profitable.

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