Steps for Creating ERP Implementation Training Strategy

Henry Mintzberg, a Canadian academic specializing in business management, once said, “Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions.” When it comes to making business decisions, having a strategy ensures that you’re not taking random actions – you’ve got a goal in mind and a plan will bring you closer to it.

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Three Approaches to End User Training

Even the most sophisticated ERP system that automates much of the supply chain requires employee interaction with the software. Forgetting this fact can cost a company. What is designed as a streamlined workstream can bog down when a user is uncomfortable or inefficient at using the software. It is imperative that the process of implementing a new ERP system include end user training. Employees are naturally resistant to change, and awkwardness with new software tools can increase that resistance. Fortunately, end user training can alleviate these problems. There are three options for addressing this need for training: in-house training, outsourcing, and a hybrid of the two.

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Are You Considering Everything When Looking for an ERP Partner?

When selecting a partner to help with your enterprise resource planning solution there are certain traits you tend to look for. A proven track record of success with clients in your industry is usually at the top of the list. Others may include costs, the services provided or even the amount of attention they give you prior to signing a contract. There are, of course, other characteristics that you will look for in a potential partner however, there are some that are often forgotten about. These are the ones that can help you choose between an average partner and a great one.

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Maintain Your ERP System Efficiently

Your ERP is a powerful tool. You need to keep it sharp or the performance will drop away and if it really gets bad, you will have to replace the tool.

Here are some tips to keep your tool sharp. I will write these as annual events, but your maintenance might be more or less frequent.

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Best Practices for Successful Enterprise Transformations: Change Management

When you start planning an enterprise transformation, it’s critical that you add change management to your project plan. In this post, we will discuss some best practices for change management when implementing new information flows and workstreams.

Change management is an important part of any project, but it is crucial when going through an enterprise transformation. Implementing new systems and workstreams involve documenting and improving activities within the organization, and employees need to be properly trained to handle the changes to their roles, responsibilities, and tasks.

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Join Merit Solutions at AXUG FOCUS Manufacturing

Merit Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of AXUG FOCUS 2014.

Join us and hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics AX users on June 12 – 13 in Dallas, TX or June 19 -20 in Indianapolis, IN. Offering a wealth of practical ideas, collaborative learning, in-depth knowledge and unsurpassed networking, AXUG Focus is the event exclusively for Dynamics AX users that focus on manufacturing and supply chain. Engage in interactive How2 sessions, hear expert presentations and join lively roundtable discussions”all certain to provide an immediate payback to you and your company.

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Attending DevReach2012

Merit Solutions is highly devoted to investing in our employees, providing educational opportunities that enable all team members to improve their skills / talent and follow the latest industry trends. All team members are encouraged to attend trainings and conferences, take exams and earn valuable certification in their respective fields.

As an example of this commitment, this year, a couple of our engineers working with industry-leading technologies attended DevReach 2012, the premier developer conference in Central and Eastern Europe. For the 7th time in a row, Telerik, Microsoft, and other valued partners organized this renowned conference which concentrates on developers and testers.

Many prominent speakers presented more than 60 sessions on the following topics:

  • Cloud
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Architecture
  • Agile & Testing

Our engineers had the opportunity to share ideas and knowledge and to discuss current projects with top industry experts and came back energized and with plenty of new skills and ideas.

To find out more about DevReach, visit www.devreach.com.