Bill Burke - CEO
Bill Burke – CEO  

As CEO, Bill is responsible for the company’s vision, strategies, policies, and for profitable performance. Bill has almost 25 years experience in leading technology companies through various stages from inception through public capitalization. He holds a BA in Finance from Illinois State University, an MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, and programs in business from Universitat Paderborn. He likes enabling the success of others and being a positive force in their lives.

Merit Solutions Teams By the Numbers

Microsoft Dynamics 365

12+ years avg. experience of functional team
6+ years avg. experience of technical team
270 combined ERP projects
15+ custom enterprise apps

Mobile and Cloud

8+ years avg. experience of functional team
7+ years avg experience of technical team
80+ mobile app projects

MeritCare Support

10+ years avg. experience of support team
150+ IT projects managed / led
2,000+ tickets resolved per year

Management Team

9+ years avg. experience at Merit Solutions
18+ years avg. experience in the industry

What’s It Really Like Working at Merit Solutions?

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Our Core Values

At Merit Solutions, we strongly believe in the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy, rewarding, and enjoyable company culture for all of our team members. We understood early on that creating an organization that consistently delivered breakthrough results required a foundation of enduring values. So we recruit and develop people with a common passion for solving problems for clients and have built a culture based on these core values: 


Consistently exceed expectations with excellence as defined by our clients.


Be honest, have strong moral principles, and maintain high trust relationships.


Pursue new ideas, methods and technologies that increase client value and create a better future.


Safeguard and improve the community we are a part of.

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